Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cease to Exist Order

As a citizen of this great land, I hereby issue this Cease to Exist order to the following entities:

1.  People that spend more on the rims of their tires than the car itself.
2.  Fake accents done by people that stink at doing fake accents.
3.  Croc shoes
4.  Middle age men that wear berets.
5.  The sayings, "It is what it is." and "Don't go there!"
6.  Radio commercials with sirens.
7.  Radio commercials that change the words to a catchy pop song into an add for their product and in the process ruin the song.
8.  Invisible spiderwebs in doorways and trying to peel them off your face.
9.  The term "soccer mom".
10.  The knuckle bump.

(The Cease to Exist order is now a regular feature on the Blog o' Cheese.)


Tammy said...

I like "It is what it is" so I won't be ceasing it. Along with sirens on TV I also hate when they do alarm beeps. That's one of the worst sounds in the world!

Lori said...

I've never really thought of any of these things as being annoying (except the spider web in the face...I hate that!)...but all of them are now outlawed in my eyes! Hail to the Blog O'Cheese!