Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sometimes I can be such a smart-aleck punk and sometimes, unfortunately I can't.

I am not sure my Principal likes me at the beginning of the year.  I have become a master of the well placed funny antidote during our faculty meetings.  I have found that you can get away with saying almost anything if you say it with enough innocence.  Let me provide you with a couple of examples.  

My Principal was discussing what to do if a child brings medicine to school. Every year we have the same chat - Send any medicine to the office.  But what about an inhaler?  Those the child can keep them in their backpack.  Well, what about cough drops?  No, a child can have cough drops.  They are fine.  So I chime in - "Well what about a nicotine patch?  Do I send those to the office?"  My Principal is great, he always gives me the same grin and just shakes his head.

During a separate meeting, my Principal was discussing our budgets.  He stated,  "The district only gives us $76.00 a year for nursing supplies.  I couldn't resist, so I chimed in, "Do we have a lot of teachers that are nursing?  What do they need, like a pump or two?"  Again with the grin and the nod.  

Finally, and thankfully I don't think my Principal heard this one, during our yearly sexual harassment powerpoint, there was a slide that read "Men can harass men, woman can harass women, men can harass women and women can harass men.  I asked, "Who do transvestites harass?"  

Knowing that my Principal occasionally reads my blog, I am hoping that he will find this post humorous.  I don't think that my comments are ordinarily out of line or inappropriate, so I think I am safe.

The best people in the world to make laugh is a room full of women.  I'm not sure, but it is a lot easier than cracking jokes for say, the Elders Quorum.  During EQ I tend to keep my wise butt comments to myself.  Perhaps I should start speaking up and spreading my wisdom with the rest of the world? Perhaps not.


Tammy said...

At least you're just joking Abe! I've probably asked some off the wall questions without meaning to look that way! But I do love the nursing response!!!!

Ike said...

One time in EQ whoever was teaching the lesson asked the class, "Who can think of a group of people that have persevered through much persecution?"

Obviously they were after an anser like the Pioneers or the Nephites. I yelled out "The Osmonds." A few people laughed, most didn't, but one brother in particular let out a good belly laugh and was giggling uncontrollably for the rest of the lesson.

Every time he giggled I couldn't help think how funny I was.

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha! Good one Ike.

Esther said...

I can get away with this too. The other day my boss told us we were getting a new intern named SAGE. She said. "Just be aware that she's been burned on her face so her face is scarred." I said "So was she involved in a Smudging?"
(Smudging is a Native American tradition of burning SAGE in homes to clear out bad spirits).

Everyone laughed. Of course I prefaced it with. "I'm evil, I know, but. . . "

Cheeseboy said...

Esther, that is total Social Worker comedy I guess.