Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy first days and a welcome to my ever growing viewership.

Welcome to the 3 or 4 school moms (and their husbands) that I found out today were secretly reading my blog through the summer!  A special shout out goes out to the mom that told me today that I was "hilarious" and another shout out to the mom that told me her that her husband gets mad if I miss a day blogging.  This is the first and last "shout outs" that I will ever give on my blog, so it is a time to rejoice.  Here's to you - cool moms!  Last year I really had the most rad moms ever.  Bless you for your support.  By the way, feel free to comment.  Right now Kerianne comments represent all of the West Jordan Elementary moms.  While her comments are generally interesting and valid, I welcome any and all feedback from my current and former parents.

It appears that my readership/subscribership just keeps growing and growing.  What with my Bishop, boss, moms from my school, neighbors and especially my own mom now regularly reading these words, I must be very, very careful in what I say.

Speaking of "Welcome", a teammate of mine today pointed out to me that my bulletin board actually said "Welcolm to First Grade".  Ugh!  About ten moms had already come into my room for their Parent Teacher Conferences.  I hurried down to the supply room and made an E to add to Welcome.  However, as I type this, I realize that my bulletin board now says, "Welcolme to First Grade."  Oh geez -  And now every mom has seen it.  What a first impression to make - My daughters teacher doesn't know how to spell "Welcome."  That is why, when possible, I always have a mom helper do my bulletin boards.  (By the way, it also just took me about 5 attempts to correctly spell the word "bulletin".

I have noticed that the hip thing to do today is post a picture of your kid on your blog on their first day of school.  Not to be outdone by other Mom blogs, or Daddy blogs, here is a picture of my boys, only one of which is headed to school:

Lincoln must have had a great day because he was still awake at 9:30.  (He went to bed at 8:30.) I went in and asked him why and he had a big smile on his face.  He said, "I am just too excited to go back to school tomorrow!"  He has a really nice teacher and I had a few classes with her at Westminster so I know she is well trained.

I just completed a 6 mile run in the wind and smoke.  God should put a warning label on the mountains.  "Warning: Inhaling smoke from the mountain may cause wheezing and death to joggers."  I am not sure where the fire was, I heard somewhere up in Draper, but if felt like I was running through the ashes of a campfire.  After I peeled the final layer of ash off my body, I actually felt a little like this lady.  

***My thanks to The Soup for this clip.  However, no thanks to that beeotch, Tyra Banks who still has not returned my emails or calls.  I thought that with her questionable morals and desperate producers, I would at least receive a hint of interest.  


Tammy said...

Cute picture of the boys (though Lincoln is missing a collared shirt).

Sorry you struggle with spelling welcome and bulletin but we still know you're an excellent teacher and if it makes you feel better I was recently talking to someone who said their school had a big sign by the office that said "Responsability". Oops!

Esther said...

Don't worry. Today I read in the Salt Lake Tribune the following title: Back to Shcool. Spelled just like that. Ironic that they spelled that title wrong. So don't feel bad. Even the newspaper spelled something about school wrong.

Tammy said...

That's funny Esther!!! I bet that person hears it from EVERYONE.

Lori said...

Cute picture of the boys! Lincoln looks so much bigger than Calder in this picture for some reason! But, Calder looks just like a little mini Lincoln.

It's good to learn who Kerianne is. I often wonder who a few of your commenters are....and now I know.

I have to say, you are brave to let all those people have access to your blog. Not that you say anything offensive or anything...I just admire the way you don't really care if everyone knows everything you put on there.

Kerianne said...

Yes, I am Kerianne. I am the triplets mom. I am employed at the school where Abe teaches and I am addicted to The Blog O' Cheese.

Cheeseboy said...

Thanks for commenting Kerianne, one of my favorite mom's of one of my favorite families. I wish some of the other lurkers would follow suit. By the way, if there are all the mom's from my school reading my blog, where is the love for West Jordan on the poll? Are you secretly wishing that you lived somewhere else? West Jordan is a good place!

christinaz said...

I was totally offended that you said that last years class was the best. Wasn't Christopher's class the year before pretty good?

Thank you for being so entertaining. It's fun to see various sides of people and see what makes them tick. I have a good time!