Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Song of the Day: Shiny Toy Guns - Don't Cry Out

I started listening to this band as soon as their album came out about a year ago and I must say, at first listen their album surprised me at every turn.  They have a polished sound and even though they might be a little too emmo for some, I just can't get enough.  Last weekend I heard one of their tunes on      X-96 and their videos have been huge hits throughout the various music video channels.  Despite their overwhelming popularity of late, I can still appreciate them.  Their music definitely has a bit of an 80 Thompson Twins vibe.

This is not my favorite song they sing.  "You Are The One" is their best, but every single one of those videos are not allowed to be embedded.  So the song of the day is another decent effort.

FYI - I originally put "On a Rainy Monday" as the song of the day, but I like this song a lot more.


Tammy said...

Nice song Abe. I like the Thompson Twins! It would be great if you did that link thing where you can click on your blog to find the song you were saying is better than this one so I don't have to try to look it up myself!

Cheeseboy said...

Tammy - I just linked the other song so you can watch that video. I swear I put this band on that DVD of songs I gave you awhile ago, but I am not sure.

Tammy said...

Abe you probably did and I'm embarrassed to even say this but the CD you gave me has been sitting here untouched. I brought it home and tried to download it (or whatever the heck I'm doing to it) onto my Zune but Mike said something about it's in MP3 mode so it wasn't working and I'd have to do something different to get it to play. I'm not very handy with the computer so I never did figure it out and then blogging started and everyone joined that bandwagon so it sort of got put to the side. SORRY!!!!!!
But thanks for adding the link to this :).

CaraDee said...

We LOVE this band, and this is my favorite song, though I had to stop the video after a minute. Dumb.
We went to the Sundance film festival a year and a half ago to see them live on Main Street. The opening band was really cool, sang awesome live(West India Girl) and then on came Shiny Toy Guns. All of a sudden, the crowd becomes a pushing mosh pit (which pisses off the old person in me) and them live was LAME-O. We left. Just listen to the album and be happy. Don't expect them to pull off a concert. Or are they even around anymore?

Cheeseboy said...

Haha, Caradee. Yes, they are around and seem to only be getting bigger. I hate it when seeing a band live kinda ruins them for me. I'll follow your advice and stick to the album. It is an awfully good album.