Sunday, August 24, 2008

Movie Review: Be Kind, Rewind

Just a quick rundown on the plot of this flick:

Danny Glover owns a movie rental shop that specializes in renting old VHS tapes.  He has two buffoon like imbeciles that work for him, Jack Black and Mos Def.  Glover leaves them in charge of the shop while he goes on a short getaway to find out more about the DVD rental business works.

Both of the morons are close to being certifiably insane.  In fact, I never was sure if they were supposed to be mentally handicapped or not. Jack Black's character gets electrocuted while attempting to shut down the power plant.  He then comes into the video shop the next day and is clearly magnetized. The magnetization completely erases every movie in the store.  Unbelievable?  I have only just begun.

People begin to come into the store and ask for specific movies.  This is where the movie actually gets quite hilarious.  Instead of just telling the customers about the mishap, they tell them to come back in the evening.  During the day, the two boneheads go out and try and videotape their own version of the requested movie, the two best being "Ghostbusters" and "Rush Hour 2".  Watching Black and Def recreate famous scenes from those two movies is just about as entertaining as it gets.  I would recommend this movie simply to watch the ludicrously hairbrained flicks that Black and Def make.

Inexplicably, people actually LIKE the movies that they make!  Again, inexplicably.  They begin to make loads and loads of money on their homemade remakes.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie gets a little bogged down by the sheer unbelievability of it all.  You can tell that the director strives to keep this movie from falling into a deft of comic movie cliches.  However, in the process he loses all sense of story and much of the film just comes off as weird.  But again, without a doubt, the middle of the film is clearly worth the rest of the film's downfalls.  

By the way - this picture is of Jack Black recreating a scene from Robocop.  Ha ha!  There are some pretty funny parts in this movie.


Lori said...

Abe, we saw this movie and pretty much agree with your review. Jack Black is one of my favorites, I think he's just naturally goofy and silly. If it had been another actor playing his part, this movie would have been really lame...but, I give it an OK review since he was in it.

Ike said...

I don't like how Jack Black gets smarter and smarter during the movie.

It seemed like at the beginning he was retarded and by the end he was completely normal.

Esther said...

I agree w/ Ike. Jack Black's portrayal of his character was inconsistant and it ruined the movie. But I think them re-making all those movies was hillarious!

Cheeseboy said...

Sheesh! I thought I had reviewed a movie that no one had ever seen but me. Sounds like most everyone had already seen this one.