Saturday, August 9, 2008

There is a new coupon queen! Cathi be thy name.

Cathi is a diabolic, yet systematic coupon fiend.  She stores away coupons like an old women stores old undergarments and jars of unused honey.  She has a coupon for anything and everything.  Why, just yesterday I needed to have my tranny flushed. (Not something dirty -  I know because I had to look it up.  Good thing I looked it up too; I almost went to the doctor.)  She tells me to hang on for a half sec while she pays a visit to her voucher lair.  (I have not seen this place yet, although I know it does exists.  It is kinda like the Holy of Holies, or more appropriately, The Bat Cave of our house.)  She returns triumphant, holding the familiar 3 inch square of paper with some black bars on it.  $10.00 off at Midas! Jackpot!  She will never cease to amaze me.

We paid a visit to Sears on Thursday because we have saved over $600.00 in credit card points. We had saved these for years for just such an occasion.  Our mission was to purchase an electric range.  Mission accomplished!  We found a great Maytag on sale for $800.00 and they will even drag our old one to the range graveyard.  (Located just west of Road Redwood.)  

Just as I thought we were going to get away with this steal of a deal, Cathi, almost magically, pulls out a couple of Sears coupons.  She profoundly asks the salesman, "Can we use these too?"  Granted, I am sure the guy wasn't thrilled about swiping a couple of coupons, especially after we had just handed him seven gift certificates.  He pretended not to care and swiped them under the green laser.  It was a no go.  As it stated on the coupon, "Can not be used with an item on sale."  Those darned Sears people had even programed it into the computer.  "Oh well." she said, "It was worth a try."  And she's right, it sure was.

If we lived in Vegas, she undoubtably would find two-for-one discount passes for the slot machines.  If we lived in Alaska, she assuredly would have us eating 39 cent salmon.  If we lived in Amish country, we would certainly have 13 quilts on our bed; purchased with a coupon that promised $3.00 quilts after the purchase of the second one.  If we lived in China, THEY would be paying US to eat their General Tao's Chicken after all the coupons and rebate checks she would find.

Bless you Cathi!  Bless you and that coupon finding, bargain hunting, huckster brain of yours.  It makes living on a teacher's salary just a little easier.


Tammy said...

You're so right Abe. Cathi also amazes me with her coupons! Or sometimes she just knows things about saving money. She has all kinds of tricks on getting things for free or almost free! I do not have that knack.

Congrats no a new stove :).

Lori said...

Way to go Cathi!!! I used to clip the coupons...or sometimes I still save the ones for restaurants and stuff...but, it never fails, when I go to the store or when I'm pulling in the drive thru, my coupons are at home. So...I gave up! I do, however, LOVE those rebates she told me about brings me. In fact right now I probably have about $50 worth of Budweiser checks just sitting in my purse waiting to go to the bank. Thanks Cath!