Monday, August 25, 2008

My experience with telling people my dreams. Oh, and I share a dream.

I have never been one to freely share my dreams.  In fact, when people start to tell me about a dream they have, I quickly lose interest.  More often than not, the dream story never actually gets interesting and soon I am thinking things like "Can I talk Cathi into going to Crown Burger tonight?" Or, "I wonder where that sticky crap on the bottom of my shoes came from."  Nevertheless, I found my dream last night to be captivating and quite funny.  If you begin to drowse off while you read, then I have indeed become one of the same boring dream tellers that I loath.  No doubt I will give it my best shot anyway.

Before I delve into last night's dream, let me first explain why I am a bit hesitant to share my dreams.  First, I am quite a dreamer.  If I were to share every bizarre or disturbing nightmare I have, people would run from this board in terror.  It seems that every night I am caught inside some sort of odd story inside my brain.  Secondly, the last time I truly shared a dream, I was ridiculed and embarrassed.  I was a 15 year old scout.  Let me explain further.

I was on a weeklong hike in the high Uintah's with the Varsity Scouts.  We had hiked nonstop nearly all day long for three straight days and my body and mind were completely exhausted.  That third night I had a dream that my hiking partner, Alex, legs and arms had been removed.  He had also been transformed into a hiking backpack, straps and all.  Worst of all, he was shirtless and had grown very large breasts.  In my dream we had all stopped for a quick break.  When it was time to leave, I looked over at Alex and reminded him that it was time to go.  I was horrified to see him limbless and with large bosoms.  I quickly ran away in fear as the backpack boy screamed, "YOU"RE NOT GOING TO JUST LEAVE ME HERE!  YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!"  

In retrospect, it might have been a very good idea to just keep this dream to myself; especially considering the current company that I was keeping on this trip.  Needless to say, this story garnered a considerable amount of laughs and I was soon fell victim to much ribbing.  Every time it was time to leave, the fellas would call out, "Abe, do you want to check on Alex before we leave?"  Or, "Abe, you might want to carry Alex some of the way."  I don't believe I have shared a dream with anyone but my wife since.  Until now.
In our district the First Graders did not attend school today.  They simply came with their parents for a quick interview and conference.  It is simply a "get to know you and let me introduce our curriculum" session. And so...

Last night I had another dream. I guess that my mind was focussed on today's interviews.  In my dream the first child ventured into my classroom with his mother.  Not unusually, the mother informed me that her son had ADHD.  I told her that was fine and we would work extra hard with him.  The dream then became a series of quick clips and flashes from proceeding interviews. 

Flash to the next interview.  I find myself asking the mother the following question:  "So how long has he been missing his arm?"  Flash to the next interview.  I ask the mom, "So if he brings the knife to school again, what do I do with it?"  Each interview gets more and more complicated and the kid has more and more problems.  Finally, flash to the last interview.

The mother of the final child wheels him in on a gurney.  I find myself asking her, "So how long has he been in the coma?"  She informs me that "he has only been in a coma for a couple weeks, but should be waking up at any time."  She continues that he "should not be a distraction.  Just wheel him into the corner."  I find myself thinking that this is going to be a very long year.

I finally woke up after what seems like a marathon of a dream.  Fortunately, there were no limbless or comatose children that I met today.  


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Very weird! I guess as a teacher you still get to have those "back to school" least you weren't in your underwear while sitting at the interviews! Or were you???

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Sorry, almost left an inappropriate comment considering your ever expanding audience.

(Had to do with Al's bosoms)

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No worries Steve. I almost made the same mistake a few times while typing the entry.