Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer TV

I have been trying to get into a few TV series lately but I just can't force myself to watch. Lately, I'd much rather spend my time listening to music, eating food, blogging, running, playing Solitaire on my iPod or wearing socks.  Now that I am out of school, I should have plenty of time to catch a few shows this summer.  Here is a preview of some new shows I have tried so far:

So You Think You Can Dance?  I will give this show some credit.  It is much more fun watching bad dancers than bad singers.  However, after a few bad dancers in a row, the magic of watching them is gone.  If I really wanted to watch bad dancers dance, I would just do my morning dance routine in front of a mirror. (That's right, I have a morning dance routine.) By the way, about 7 years ago, I tried to exercise with my wife in our front room using a dance workout video.  I went through this charade for a couple weeks before realizing that this was really not the work out program for me.  If Cathi would have taped it, it would be an uproarious bit of slapstick that would rival anything you may have seen on SYTYCD.  The first couple of sessions, I thought I was at least as coordinated as the man that was doing the "low impact" steps.  I was wrong.  

The Alaska Project - A fine idea, but this show is bogged down by it's banner after every commercial break.  "The contestants on this show have a survival expert by their side every minute of every day."  We never see this expert, but it is nice to know that they are not in any real danger...ever!  What a disappointment.  I watch these survival shows to see people get mauled, eaten, frostbit, hungry, lost, mauled again, lost again and then found and then put to work by slave factories (this has actually not happened yet in any show I have seen, but I keep hoping against hope), accidentally step on a bear trap, had to have a limb amputated by using their own pocketknife, fall into an active volcano, captured by a cult and taken into their temple and had their hearts pulled out of their chest before being dipped into a pit of lava or even chipped a nail.  Unfortunately, none of these things have happened on this show. Boring.

The worst thing the people have had to go through on the Alaska Experiment was that one guy found a lump on his testicle.  He called his Jewish doctor, Dr. TestiOvichich, back in the Bronx and his doctor told him not to worry about it.  Now THAT is drama.  That will have me tuning in again.  Oh, and they have to eat the salmon every night that they have caught while fishing all Alaska.  THAT WOULD TOTALLY NOT SUCK!  Good thing the survival expert is there in case there is extra or in case the salmon are dangerous.

The Deadliest Catch - I watched this show about 5 times and then I got a little seasick.  Here is the funny thing about this show though -  Of the five times I watched it, I think I heard one BEEP to beep out a swear word.  My wife watches a show called "Hell's Kitchen" and that is all you hear: "BEEP, get the BEEPING rice out of the BEEPING BEEP BEEP BEEP porridge before you BEEP BEEP serve those BEEP BEEP tin foil BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP hedgehog legs from the BEEPING farm!"  I just turn to her and say, "Cooking must be BEEPing hard!"

So what is the point of this you say?  It just goes to show you that Chefs swear like a Sailor and Sailors swear like Pastry Cooks from Orem.

By the way, I ran 16 miles today. 

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Tammy said...

Congrats on 16 miles!!! And I've never heard of the two shows you mentioned - Alaskan Project or the seasick one but I probably won't tune in. I'm too busy watching Yo Gabba Gabba!