Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sometimes I am a dimwitted mutterbrain of a teacher.

How often do you need to put things in alphabetical order? I noticed recently that it seems that I have to do it all the time. I also noticed an odd thing the last time I had to do it. It seems that whenever I have to place things in ABC order, I end up singing the ABC song in my mind. "Lets see, this card here starts with F. Okay, music in mind please...A B C D E F...F! After E and before G. Perfect. It goes right here!" When there is something that starts with a letter later in the alphabet, I usually start the song with N or R. But I still have to sing the song in my brain. Does this happen to anyone else?

Another mortifying thing I notice that I do as a teacher is that when I am teaching times tables and I need the answer to a 9's question, I subconsciously do the finger trick to get the answer. Even though I know the answer, I still put down the finger, just to make sure. As long as I am confessing my moronity and jackassedness, I must divulge that I still often use my fingers when adding.

We had a First Grade Tug-o-war today and I thought I would challenge four prechosen, bulky kids. What started off well quickly turned bad when I was drug through the grass for about 40 feet and couldn't reach my whistle. The kids watching it found it sidesplittingly funny as I screamed "STOP, STOP!" while they schlepped me through the sod. I have a large grass stain on my backside. Superb fun.

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Tammy said...

Abe I alphabetize everything I can! And yes, I do the song in mind too. At Nathan's preschool they taught the alphabet without the song. Maybe that's why so the kids aren't stuck singing it for the rest of their lives :). And I count on my fingers and I do the 9 trick. And you probably know Cathi and I are the only two people who have a special way of counting time. And lastly, Cathi just taught me another trick about learning months and how many days there are by using your knuckles! Never too old to learn young tricks :).