Saturday, June 21, 2008

I taught myself a valuable lesson today: Don't feel bad for donkeys

I was thinking a lot this morning while teaching at Sylvan about various random things.  I started contemplating donkeys.  I was actually feeling quite bad for them because of how often they are called an ass.  It was very disheartening.  It was a rough couple of minutes.

Then it struck me.  I should not feel bad for the donkeys.  They are an elite group of mammals.  How many animals actually have so many different names?  Let's see.  For donkeys we have:

Equuas asinas 
Jack (male)
Jenny (female)

Amazing!  The donkey should feel fortunate.  Even if you go with "ass" when referring to your donkey, at least the donkey can think, "that is mean, but fortunately it is just one of the many names that I am lucky enough to possess."   

I mean, look at the giraffe.  When people see a giraffe, they say, "look at that tall giraffe!  Yes, look at that majestic animal.  The only word I can think to define it is 'giraffe'.  Why yes, giraffe fits it nicely.  It is a shame that it doesn't have another name though.  Maybe even a derogatory phrase to fit it's personality?"

This all makes me wonder:  What came first, the donkey or the ass?  When our ancestors saw the donkey and named it, did they say, "Look at that mentally challenged horse!  It is honking and moving like a total ass!"  Or, was it more like, "From hence forth, this  brainless, oaf looking half-horse shall be called 'ass'." Hard to say, but definitely worth some reflection.

However, given the vast number of names to chose from, calling a donkey an "ass" is still a little rude.

In addition, I found this website with over 2,000 donkey names. And you thought picking a name for your kid was difficult!  

I am so bored.  When will Cathi get home?


Lori said...

OK, Abe....the last line of this blog explains it all. I was starting to worry about you before I finally got to the end!

tim & brandi said...

Donkey's, mules, and burros are technically different species.

Cheeseboy said...

Are you kidding Tim? I can go back to feeling bad for them then! And wait...I got this information from Wikipedia. The internet, specifically Wikipedia is never wrong! thanks for ruining my blog.