Friday, June 20, 2008

Entertainment news that interests me but probably no one else.

Entertainment is nice.  At it's best it brings merriment to the heart.  At it's worst, it brings dolefulness to the sole.  Here are three parcels of entertainment information that you will likely not hear Mary Hart or John Tesh mention tonight.  Oh man, I am so bored here at home by myself.

1. Freaks and Geeks returns to DVD.  Before Judd Apatow made often hilarious but often crude comedies for the masses, he made this show of shows.  It is arguably his best work to date.  The comedy in Freaks and Geeks is absolutely genius and it provided a springboard for so many young stars.  Fortunately, I have the complete two season set.  Thank you dear brothers.  Perhaps the best gift ever.  If you do not have this show, do yourself a favor:  Beg your wife for $50.00, drive to the nearest Best Buy (or and buy yourself a meaty buffet, sliced full of comedy that will last a lifetime.  Or... just borrow mine.

2. The Match Game returns.  I am not sure if there will be a 5 foot microphone, but there will be one of my favorite comics on the panel: Norm MacDonald.  I will tune in at least a couple times to hear his notoriously dry wit.  Also on the panel: Sarah Silverman.  Get ready for some sexual innuendo raunch that will leave your Grandma blushing. No word yet if Charles Nelson Reily's rotting corpse will join the cast of characters. Note to potential viewing audience: Although the show from the 70's was chalk full of innuendo, I am sure that in this version, the "innuendo" will be very thinly veiled.  We shall see.

3.  Just saw the preview for the movie Step Brothers.  Rarely does a movie trailer make me laugh out loud, but this one sure did.  Another obligatory "note":  This trailer has a bad word.  Not one of the big ones, but one you will not want your 6 year old hearing.  I mean, they can say the word on network television, but you definitely would never hear it on the Disney Channel.  If you are comfortable with that, please watch. (But don't blame me if you don't get into heaven.)  If you are not, do not watch.  But come visit me in a lesser kingdom when we die because I watched it.

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