Friday, June 13, 2008

A Day At Lagoon

As I posted last night, we went to Lagoon yesterday and it was one day too many.  The boys had fun and that is the important thing.  Here are some thoughts about the Lagoon experience:

If there is a rollercoaster that has been built that is worse than "The Bat" anywhere in the world, I'd like to know about it.  What a colossal waste of money.  

If you have ever been to a real thrill ride theme park like Six Flags or Knotts Berry Farm, you know what a joke the Lagoon thrill rides are.  Hey Lagoon, how about springing for a coaster that lasts more than 45 seconds?  That would be a start.  Lagoon does it right with the mid sized thrill rides, but their ventures into rollercoasters make them look cheap.   

What happened to the traveling Lagoon band?  I miss those losers.  Haven't seen them in years.  They probably went the way of the "Jazz band"... councilors at summer band camp.

When I ride the sky ride with a kid, even a 6 year old, I am scared to death.  I seriously cannot believe that there has not been one injury on that ride.  That single bar going across your lap can't be that safe.  It is the one ride that fat people are more safe on.

Bring back the funhouse.  That was the best thing at Lagoon.  While you are at it, bring back the giant three wheel water trikes,  the "hammer" and the old, wooden Wild Mouse.

Which reminds me, while waiting in line for the Wild Mouse I hear, "A cart once fell off the old Wild Mouse and two people died!"  I am so tired of this rumor.  It never happened!  

Nobody cares about the "pioneer" stuff in Pioneer Village anymore.  

The kiddyland boat ride is so old, it should be in pioneer village.  I think Brigham Young may have designed it.

Calder has been on this kick where he goes up to animals, sticks his finger in their face and says "Bite me! Bite me!"  No animal has taken the bait yet.  The best part of the day was when he went up to a mean goose (probably the same one that I have had problems with) and stuck his finger not 6 inches from it's face while it was hissing at him.  BITE ME! 
 If Cathi had not been there in seconds, I am positive that we would have been headed to the emergency room with half eaten, goose finger.


Heather and Jake said...

Yeah right fat people are safer on the sky ride. Whenever I see a fat person on it , I am always scared that the wire is going to break on everyone or that the bar didn't lock in for them because it couldn't quite make it past their belly.

Tammy said...

I absolutely think the sky ride is the scariest ride. So scary that I braved it once yesterday but then had Mike pick up the slack when I wouldn't go on it a 2nd time. I sit in fear, barely breathing, the entire way across. I didn't even notice they don't have the hammer anymore! That was a good one. And the kiddie boat ride is a classic. It should always be there because I have pictures in it and now my kids have pictures in it so my grandkids will need pictures in it and so on and so on and so on . . . . . . . . .

Ike said...

The sky ride is dang scary, and I'm always relieved the moment I get off. I hate that ride.

The Wild Mouse rumor is a fun one and I try to keep it alive by telling others it. But it is just that - a rumor. Having worked there for 5 years I know the facts - About 20 years ago they had 2 deaths in the same year - one on Puff kiddie coaster and another on the wooden roller coaster. But no deaths on any other rides. A couple years ago someone ran over someone in the parking lot and killed them, but that doesn't count. The point being is you're probably safer on a ride than walking through the parking lot.