Monday, June 30, 2008

The Cabin

Hello everyone and welcome back to me.  We had a great time in Island Park and my traps proved effective to guard our house.  I found three dead pirates in the tiger pit and four masked burglars shot through the head with my fountain of arrows.  Unfortunately, my the coconut bombs did not go off.  I would have liked to see the damage they would have done.

The mountains were warm and swarming with mosquitoes.  It was necessary to lather on repellent every time you walked through the screeching, slamming screen door and onto the torched porch.  There had been plenty of snow over the winter and the water in the lake was as high as I had seen it.  The wildflowers were in full force and they flowed over the landscape like giant, purple and yellow caterpillars searching for sun.   

The four-wheeling was dry and chalky.  The air was filled with powdery dust that coated your entire body with every ride.  We enjoyed hours of fun on the trails.  However, I have mixed feelings about four-wheelers now.  There are way too many of them in Island Park and the serenity and peacefulness of the place has been replaced with dust clouds and unending revving engines.  The four-wheeler crowd is generally full of idiots and buffoons.  They ruin the beauty by driving in areas that are off limits and fly at demented speeds, letting the scenery pass them by like it is merely a crappy preview at the movies.  As much as I enjoy discovering parts of Island Park that I have never seen before and the amusement of riding, I would not be overly disappointed if they outlawed four-wheelers.

While we were there, we also experienced the thrills and spills of the mighty rapids of Henry's Fork.  We rode the foot high waves like they were really two feet high!  Unfortunately, there were no moments of panic and no one yelled, "We're all going to die!"   Calder did fall asleep in about two inches of cold water at the bottom of the boat.

Another highlight of the trip was our hike around Herriman State Park.  While we went mooseless, we did catch some great bird watching.

Lincoln and I also four-wheeled to the gravel pit where he shot his first riffle.  

Of course, we did all the usuals:  West's Penny Store, the candy shop to get free fudge and looking for cruddy cheap tee shirts.  We also went to Yellowstone for a quick afternoon, (Thanks Esther!) ate Ice Cream at Old Faithful and visited the big fish at Big Springs.  There was also plenty of down time that Lincoln spent playing Lego Star Wars II and Cathi spent reading three books. 

Just another trip to the cabin... but it is always fun.

Look forward to posting something great tomorrow.


Esther said...

That last picture looks very romantic! Just you and some guy.

Heather and Jake said...

Looks like you had fun! It makes me excited to go to the cabin next month!

Tammy said...

Ditto to what Esther said! Thanks for posting pictures :).