Monday, June 16, 2008

Screech relative myths debunked.

I was doing some very extensive and time consuming research on Screech (Dustin Diamond), from Saved By The Bell this past week.  It was difficult work, but A... Someone HAS to do it. And 2... The 16 hours I put in researching Screech turned out to be a near religious experience. It may have been the most productive 16 hours of my life Many people ask what I do after tutoring all summer.  This, my friends, is the answer.  There could not be anything that is LESS of a waste of time.

I know many of you have questions about the man's real father and brother.  He is not really a mortal man; he is more like a legend.  I found this article from the Washington Post.  Some of the highlights:

Q: So you really aren't Neil Diamond's son?
Dustin Diamond: Neil is NOT my dad.  There may be some relation, but I've never looked it up or met Neil.  (Maybe someone that reads my blog can do some real genealogical work and figure out the link, for the sake of both Neil and Dustin?)

Q: Is Mike D from the Beasty Boys your brother?
A: Mike D from the Beasty Boys is NOT my brother.

Q: Is Bob Sagget your father?
A: You know where daddy is?  Please tell him I miss him.

That pretty much covers it.  NO to Neil & Mike D.  YES to Sagget.  I don't know what is more embarrassing, having Bob Sagget as a father or being Dustin Diamond.

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