Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda and other stuff.

Lincoln and I ventured out into the movie theaters yesterday to see Kung Fu Panda.  Lincoln had been very eager to see this movie and I was in the mood for a relaxing afternoon of laughing with my best 6 year old pal.  So we snuck in a couple of candy bars, grabbed our $1.00 refillable Larry H. mug and headed off for a father son adventure.

The movie had a Jack Blackish comical tone to it.   The moment you hear Jack say the word, "awsomeness" to describe Kung Fu, you can't help but chuckle.  Well, for Lincoln, it was more of a belly laugh than a chuckle.  It could not be more suited to a six year old boy.  Action, adventure, slap stick comedy and more Kung Fu than you could shake a sabre or nunchucks at.  We were thoroughly engaged as we watched the Fearless Five take on the evil panther.  The action scenes were the most entertaining I have ever seen in a animated feature.  We would recommend this movie to anyone, especially six year old boys.

Cathi leaves tomorrow for her Trek.  Apparently, they asked all the girls to bring 18th century nightgowns to wear at night.  That is where Cathi drew the line.  She threw her sweats in the bucket and said, "I am not going back to the D.I. to look for an ugly nightgown to wear for 2 nights!  They can send me home if they don't like my sweats."  Ha ha... she is so cool.

After my last 17 mile run last Friday, every time I stand on my right thigh, I am extremely sore.  My right knee is also killing me.  I had to limp half of my five miler on Monday until it finally loosened up.  I am sure I looked like quite the buffoon lumbering down the street like I had a cast up to my hip.  My schedule calls for an 8 miler today, but I just don't know if that is going to happen.  I think that I need to do some more stretching before each run.  

In addition, this heat just kills me.  Even if it is in the 70's, it is twice as difficult to run than when it is in the 60's.  I feel like I still HAVE to get out in the heat though.  Who knows what the temperature will be like on the 24th of July?


tim & brandi said...

Try running in Las Vegas. It's awesome. It's funny how I've started thinking about how the St. George Marathon will feel so much less hot (as opposed to cooler) after living here. It's supposed to be 107 today and it feels quite tolerable - nice even. As for your leg ailment... maybe you're allergic to mangos too?


tim & brandi said...

My wife cracks me up. I'm guessing that you're training for some marathon on July 24th? If this is the case, I think that you should run it in an 18th century nightgown just to bring some authenticity to the event. Oh, and sing "Pioneer Children" out loud the whole 26 miles.

Cathi said...

You guys are too funny. I had thought that the problems in my thigh might be do to mangos. We have been eating a lot of mangos lately. So, like Esther, I ate even MORE mangoes and sure enough... nothing. Must not be the mangos. Could be that I ran 17 miles a couple days ago.

I thought about wearing a nightgown for the race but it is not allowed in the bylaws.

Cheeseboy said...

that above comment should be by me (cheeseboy) and not Cathi. I didn't realize she hadn't signed out.