Friday, April 9, 2010

The origin of the phrase "the elephant in the room". By Cheeseboy

- Sir, we have trimmed the elephant's toenails and she's ready for the zoo exhibit.

- Excellent. She looks terrific. The kids will just love her.

- Is she pregnant yet?

- No, we have been unsuccessfully trying to mate her with Brutus. Brutus wants nothing to do with her.

- Sir, she is standing right here. She can hear every word you say!

- Oh come on. She can't understand us. The strange thing is that Brutus will mate with her sister. It only took her sister a week to get pregnant.

- Sir, really I don't think we should be talking about this with the elephant in the room. I'm sure she can hear us.

- Oh come on. Look at those pouty eyes and that stupid stare. She doesn't understand a word. [Sniff] She does have a strange scent to her. Has she been having gastric problems? Maybe that is why Brutus doesn't want anything to do with her?

- Sir, I am really not comfortable with this discussion with the elephant in the room.

- Well if she can't breed, then she is worthless. We may have to sell her to that blasted circus.

- Sir, seriously. There's an elephant in the room!

- I guess I can see why. Her sister does have a longer trunk and her ears are HUGE! This one's ears are puny. They look like shriveled plums.

- I really don't think we should talk about the elephant in the room. The elephant in the room is off limits! New rule: NO MORE TALKING ABOUT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!

- Oh no. I think she wants to tell us something. She looks angry! She wants the paint brush. What's that she's writing? How does she know how to spell THAT word?! Why am I all bloody? Oh gee, I guess you were right!


Copyboy said...

It begs me to ask if that's the true origin. Either way it made me laugh.

Noelle said...

WHERE do you come up with this stuff???

Lisa said...

Nice. :) Is that the original painting elephant?

Tgoette said...

Hilarious! I want, no...I NEED to have what you are smoking!

Bossy Betty said...

You had a good time with this didn't you? (So did we)

Hope Chella said...

Yeah, my students are all about the Wimpy Kid movie but I haven't any desire for that one. How to Train Your Dragon was awesome. My boyfriend loved it too (not as much as me, but he liked it anyway!) We saw it after we read rotten tomatoes review and they are usually right :)

Have a great weekend!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I wonder what word she wrote. I always wondered about that saying. Thanks for clearing it up.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm with Noelle....wondering where you come up with all this stuff, lol!

You don't have an email attached to your blog (big mistake!!) so to answer your question about the Waffles And The Boobies...

A friend of mine, who is a size 6 for Pete's sake, wanted to go on a diet! I told her if she went on a diet she'd have to give up her tasty cinnamon waffles and that losing a whole size would make her boobies disappear too. SO! My advice was to keep the waffles AND the boobies, lol!!

I'm such an awesome friend!!!

Cheeseboy said...

@ Copyboy - Yes, of course it is the true origin.

@ Noelle - I have no idea. Stupid crud just pops into my braon sometimes.

@ Lisa - Original painting elephant in the flesh (in the flesh in the picture)

@ Tgotte - Thanks. I'm smoking elephant dung.

@ Bossy - Sometimes stupid stuff comes into my head and yes... that is the funnest to blog.

@ Hope - Very cool that you are a teacher too. We'll probably go next Saturday.

@ Powdered Toast - The word was "turdwad". Or something like it.

@ Queeny - Pretty funny. And you're the second person that has told me about the email thing. How do I do that?

Special K said...

I joined your followers just to see you do the dumpster thing. ;)

Connie said...

It would be fun to take famous sayings and come up with the "rest of the story." Some blogs have Tasty Tuesday, Pink Saturday, Wordless Wednesday, and everyone who is linked in, posts their version of the same.

"The origin of the phrase" would be an awesome linked in post!
Just beware of the elephant in the room.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I had long wondered. Now? I do!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I never knew the elephant in the room has such a promiscuous sister. That phrase was seriously shortened.Silly and creative post, as always, Cheeseboy.

Cheeseboy said...

@ Special - You join for the dumpster but you will stay for the laughs.

@ Connie - That is a great idea! Unfortunately I am too lazy to head it up. If you do it, just make sure you give me a bit of credit and tell me about it.

@ Sara - We all have. We all have.

@ Rawkn - Yes, it's always the sister. Elephants are funny that way.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

People talk about me like that when I'm in the room too so I totally understand. That's why I took up painting as well. :D

Teachinfourth said...

Makes me think of the book, "Ella" by Bill Peet...