Sunday, April 4, 2010

50 followers! Well, I made a promise.

50 followers. A promise is a promise.

This is the actual email sent to Governor Herbert at this site. I promise to keep you updated as to a reply.

Dear Governor Herbert,

I am contacting you in regards to the 'skinny jean'. Perhaps you have heard of them or seen them worn by the kiddos on their skateboards or talking on their modern technical nick-knacks? They're all the rage amongst the teen scene and in the dance halls, saloons and especially the shady discotheques.

Sir, not since the popularity of the parachute pant' in '88 has there been a more rancorous and offensive bloomer movement.
I implore you to rid our state of these reprehensible knickers. I have many, shall we say, "followers" that will surely find your name much easier on the ballot if such a law is put into place.

The future of our state's fashion reputation is in your hands.

Your best friend in the whole world,


PS: Do you wear 'skinny jeans'?


imbeingheldhostage said...

I DO wear them, and am NOT skinny which is probably the worst offense, but I live where the Europe fashions dictate. So just the kids are wearing them there, huh? Here, it's everybody. with knee high boots. and coloured hair.

tammy said...

I confess, I made my husband become a follower just so we could rid the world of this atrocity. He doesn't know he's a follower yet, but he will thank me later.

Tammy said...

Good one Abe! Many people will appreciate your concern and letting the Governor know about it but you might have a mad nephew :).

Bossy Betty said...

Now this is an issue of importance! Hope the gov pay attention!

What are you going to do when you reach 100 followers? Huh?

Traci said...

This is bad news, because i finally gave in this past weekend and wore skinny jeans for the first time...Maybe you could amend it and get rid of skinny jeans on men?

Noelle said...

I'll sign a petition if I need to!!!

Melinda said...

I totally love my skinny jeans, but I'm a woman and so its totally okay...right?

Skinny jeans on men, and especially teenage boys is just disgusting!

So yeah, skinny jeans on me = good.
Skinny jeans crushing adolescent packages = SICK.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog.
You can tell I'm a writer? That is awesome. I try and write. Blogging helps me hone my creative juices.

*You really should enable your email with your blog so you can comment right back to people who comment on your blog. I had to come find you and your blog cause your email was not enabled.* Its easy peasy to do.

Anyway, nice blog. i LOVE cheese almost as much as Matthew's butt.
almost. :)

Sco said...

Nice! The sooner skinny jeans are gone, the better. I especially enjoy the pants-on-the-ground look with skinny jeans. Hopefully this forces action before skinny jeans just naturally fade out of style.

Kristina P. said...

I only love it when boys wear the skinny jeans down to their knees, so you can see their stained boxers. Super awesome.

Cheeseboy said...

@ hostage - No worries. It will be awhile before I rid Europe of them and by that time, they will be out of style anyway.

@ Tammy - When he no longer sees skinny jeans around and wonders out loud why, you can just say, "you're welcome".

@ Tammy2 - Our nephew needs to know that they are ugly. No one has had the courage to do it before me.

@ Bossy - I've been giving the 100 followers a lot of thought and will post something soon.

@ Traci - Before you wear them again, you need to ask yourself "Will I regret this in 10 years?" The answer is yes, yes you would.

@ Noelle - Great idea!

@ Cluttered - Thanks for stopping by. I'll work on that enabling email thing. I am just an enabletard when it comes to stuff like that.

@ Scott - Honestly, I can't believe they have held on this long.

@ Kristina P. - T'is a good look. Yeah, they won't regret those pictures.

Kate said...


So friggin hilarious. And apparently we're the same age, but I'll never admit to wearing parachute pants.

Terresa said...

Yes! I'm wearing some right now!!!


Happy week to you!

Tyson K said...

Congrats on your 50th follower and I am really looking forward to your 100th! Love all your posts, keep them coming TK

Chaka said...

I don't like skinny pants. I also hate it when pants don't have a waist and are worn below the hip bones. I'd rather side with old men that pull them up to chest level.

I Wonder Wye said...

Wilfred Brimley? Dude, sorry but you have NO business in skinny jeans...

Cheeseboy said...

@ Kate - I never wore parachute pants but wanted them desperately.

@ Terresa - I hope they are loose fitting.

@ Tyson - Thanks! And keep up the good work with the music and stuff.

@ Chaka - Perhaps I should email the Governor again and suggest all old man pants for everyone?

@ I Wonder Why - Wilford Brimley tells me that he likes the way skinny jeans make his butt look.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

You did include the $10,000 uh, "campaign contribution" right?

Otherwise skinny jeans are here to stay!