Thursday, June 4, 2009

A special shout out to my super hot friend, SUMMER! (And football tickets!)

School's out. Hallelujah! This year has gone by slower than watching a Meg Ryan movie in a hot theater with popcorn but no soda. Never have I been more ready for summer's arrival. I'd rather have my feet waxed than go through this year again. I'd say I would wax my back, but I am NEVER doing that again.

**A quick aside: If you read this blog and your kid is in my class (That means you Stacy), this has NOTHING to do with your kid - your kid is one that actually helped me live through what I now call "Death by the Naughties 08/09"... At least I think only parents of the nice kids read my blog...

Switching subjects..

I'm the proud owner of two season tickets to the University of Utah football games. Actually, I own a ticket and my buddy Brent owns a ticket. We will be sitting in the south end zone. I've never actually owned my very own season ticket, so I am a bit of a rookie. Nevertheless, I will miss that stranger that sat in front of me in the north end zone that I hugged one too many times. "Sir Utah Man Hugs-A-Lot", you shall be missed. Gees, I hope I make some new friends on the south side. Go Utes!

Back to summertime...

The other seasons have nothing on summer. Summer makes fall wish it hadn't been born. Summer takes it's kickbuttedness and beats on winter like Mike Tyson in a room full of still- attached ears. Nothing touches summertime. I want to reach out my arms and smother summertime in a wet, slobbery kiss.

Summer is where your greatest childhood memories take form. I love to watch Lincoln stay out until 10:30 playing "neighborhood games" while the framework of canines bark at their shenanigans. I love the neighborhood parties at our neighbor's pool and the subsequent 2 inch deep wounds I obtain from an insane game of water basketball. I love watching the Murray Park fireworks from the front lawn in some ugly pajama shorts and a backwards baseball cap.

Summertime kicks major culo. Summertime, will you become my first polygamist wife?


Clark said...

I guess this means when the U of U calls to see if I really want to purchase two more tickets, I should say no? Thanks for letting me know you got yours. We will wave to you from the North End Zone, not that you will be able to see us. Will miss sitting by you.
Love Dad

Cheeseboy said...

Yes Dad thanks! We won't need the extras.

However, I may want to sit with you one or two games so that my buddy can take his wife. Also, we may need a ticket or two of yours to take Lincoln a couple times. We'll definitely use a lot less than we used last year though.
Love Abe

Tammy said...

Does Lincoln really stay out until 10:30??? I have many memories of my childhood and staying out late to play games too. Fun!

On a side note, did you hear about Mike Tysons daughter?

Cheeseboy said...

Yes, Tammy he does. How could we put him to bed when he could hear all the kids right outside his window screaming and having a great time.

I really don't care though Tammy. It's all part of summertime.

Did Mike Tyson bite off his daughter's ear?

Tammy said...

If he stays out that late does he sleep late the next day. That would be a great trade-off!

Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter died when she got tangled on a cord on their treadmill.