Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lets let Bill try it, shall we?

What would we do without Bill Gephart? The man has single handily saved hundreds of people's driveways. And what thanks does he get? Nothing. Not even a honorary ribbon from the Driveway Savers of America Club. You'd think they could send something.

Not only does Bill save the lives of Utahns everywhere, he also tries out new products. He does this at his own expense - simply to please the masses. It is a segment that Fresh Air likes to very creatively call "Let Bill Try It".

The idea of "Let Bill Try It" is to have Bill buy stupid items, try them and then give us feedback on them. I am tired of his useless junk. I want to buy cool, killer junk. I want to see Bill try one of these items:

1. The clip on high chair. Wouldn't it be great to see Bill try and fit his giant butt in one of these and then watch the table fall over on him? I really would like to see how much weight one of these could hold.

2. Urine Cleanser. Have a big drug test coming up and you don't feel comfortable passing? Lets watch Bill smoke a doobie, chug a gallon of this garbage and see if it really works.

3. The new Sanjaya album. I know you are all interested. But what I am more interested in is how interested Bill Gephart is.

4. Ultra Absorbent Underarm Shields. Bill should try this cause he gets get so much and having people get you all the time can create embarrassing underarm odor.

5. Fonzie "Finishing Up At The Urinal" Life Sized Wax Figure. Sure, Conan O'Brien has one. But should I go out and get one too? I think Bill should try it first.

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Tammy said...

Hey, I love "let Bill buy it"! I bought a Pedi-Egg after he tried it (it was good). But I also bought these stupid things you should be able to put over your DVD to "protect" them from scratching. He took it to the library and they said they loved them but the ones I got wouldn't even stick on the DVD.

I'd love to see him try the baby chair :)