Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cheeseboy's Seven Life Changing Moments #4: Hot and Ready

And I can't fight this feeling anymore.
I'm sure most people don't have life changing moments inside the lobby of Little Caesars Pizza.

(Is it a lobby? I am not sure what to call it - the place that you actually pay for your pizza. The "Pizza Pickup Precinct"? The "Caesar Sector"?)

It must have been October. I say October because the leaves were turning, school had started and I wrote "October" in my journal. Yes, I had a journal. No it was not a diary. In reality, it was more of a planner in which I wrote the happenings of life. Kind of a 1994 prehistoric blog. Also, Hello Kitty was on the front of it. But, the good news is that I still have the key hidden and no one will find it - that means you little sister!

I've forgotten what I started fighting for.
My very good friend, Al and I were sent by our gang of goofs one Tuesday night to pick up the pizza at the cheapest price possible. When your 18, your taste buds can't tell the difference between cardboard and actual crust, as long as it is smothered in mozzarella.

We picked up our pretend pizzas and started to head out the door for a night of sitting around in my buddy's basement, playing video games and asking each other, "What should we do? We should go DO something!" As we headed for the greasy handled glass doors, we were met by Cathi and her mother. I had known Cathi most my life - she lived right around the block from me. However, I am not sure I had ever spoke to her before this day.

It's time to bring this ship into the shore,
There was something unexpectedly ravishing about Cathi this evening. It seemed that time slowed down, her hair was blowing ever so subtlety in the breeze and REO Speedwagon's "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" was playing on the overhead speaker. She was sublime. As she smiled and said hello, I swear I saw her dimple sparkle and heard the sound of shimmering harps. Everything about this moment screamed "I'm trapped in an awful pre-teen Disney movie", but I didn't care. Edward Cullen can eat it! (Edward Cullen is a sparkly, scaly, albino vampire with frozen, grayish hair. He may or may not be part of a lame Disney movie. My gut tells me yes, he is)

Now Cathi doesn't even remember this moment, but I remember every minute detail. Except of course: what she was wearing, where we were standing and what she actually said to me. As our brief conversation ended, I knew one thing: this girl was something special - and I was hungry... hungry like the proverbial wolf. (Also, I was really hungry for food)

And if I have to crawl upon the floor,
Al may be able to attest to this, but as we walked to his Jeep, I could not stop talking about her. She had become permanently ingrained in my brain with her hypnotizing good looks and her bedazzling hot girl charm. My brain had butterfly tattoo holding a "Cathi" sign on the small of it's back.

And throw away the oars, forever.

The very next day, I was brawling in the ward gym, trying to play basketball with a bunch of old guys, attempting to keep their old man sweat off of me, when I heard the same gosh-awful "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" come on over the ward loudspeakers. How the heck did the Speedwagon get in the chapel?! I realized my mistake when I glanced at the gym door and saw Cathi enter... once again in slow motion. I untangled myself from an old man's chest hair in which I was entangled and stood in bedazzled amazement. Now, I knew we were meant to be.

Cause I can't fight this feeling anymore!!
I walked over to my Bishop, who was firing a 3 pointer, pointed to Cathi and told him, "See that girl over there? I am going to marry that girl." I am still not sure that I had actually ever had a conversation with her.

Life Lesson #1 - The art of the dance. Lesson #2 - Run like the wind. Lesson #3 - Say or do anything for a laugh. Lesson #4 - Listen to a lot of REO Speedwagon and frequent the Little Caesars lobby to find true love.

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Lori said...

Awww, love this post! Cath, you've got to give in to Abe and at least make some sort of comment on this post after the nice tribute he's paid to your love here! :)

By the way, Abe, did you ever get that Butterfly tattoo?