Saturday, June 27, 2009

Song of the Day: Chairlift - Bruises

I've had this album for quite some time, but haven't given it a listen until I saw a video for this song on MTV. (Yes, they still in fact, play videos; good ones too! You just have to set your DVR to record at 2:00 AM) Ever since I've heard this song, I've been hooked. If you like Feist or Regina Spector, I am positive you will like the band Chairlift - which I like more than both Feist and Spector.

I have been keeping my female readers in mind while trying to find songs of the day that they might enjoy. I think most of my lady cyber stalkers would like this band. I tried to find the original video that I saw on MTV, but I could not find it to embed. (If you want to see the cleaner, new video for it, click here) Otherwise, enjoy this live version, that I actually have found more entertaining anyway.

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