Monday, June 1, 2009

Cheeseboy's letter to Mrs. Fields

**email I sent Mrs. Fields ( today at 9:00 PM.

Dear Mrs. Fields,
Right off the bat, I would just like to say, thank you for being a Utah based company that makes delicious cookies. I love cookies. I love them almost as much as I love my 6 kitties. I don't eat my kitties, but I love them - and I love your cookies!

I have but a small suggestion. It's not much, just a trifle of advice that you can sprinkle across your company execs like honed cinnamon upon a batch of freshly baked.

Have you been to a McDonalds lately? One word: Redbox. There is one under every golden arch! They dispense movies like they're disc shaped candy. Simply feed the box a dollar and any movie they have is yours. I rented "Mama Mia!" the other day and my kitties and I cried our guts out on the couch.

Now, if I want to rent a movie, there is a Redbox on every corner. I think my neighbor even has one, but he keeps his shades drawn most of the time and it is difficult to see in with the cheep binoculars my mom bought me for my birthday. (I told her Cannon! Cannon! Nikon's are crap!)

My suggestion is thus: Redboxes where you can select a movie AND purchase a delightful Mrs. Fields treat! For an extra dollar, the machine drops a cookie out a separate slot. I guess we could use the same slot, but I thought that all the crumbs and such might not be good on the DVDs. So we create a separate slot, we put cookies in the machines and we charge an extra buck. It's ungenious!

So, let me recap: Extra dollar, new slot, cookie falls, money made. We could even wrap the cookies in tin foil for extra freshness. I'd volunteer to do it at my house, but all the cat hair and such... Plus, your probably have factories for that kind of thing.

Please get back to me ASAP. I do not require payment for my idea. My only desired fee for this service is a few cookies for me and my feline squad and a year round pass to a wax museum of your choice.
Thank you for your time,

I will post the response just as soon as I receive one.


Jana Banana said...

That is just brilliant!

sacdaddy said...

"Extra dollar, new slot, cookie falls, money made."

Too funny!

Clark said...

This is much like Letter's from a Nut (the book). You don't even like "kitties". But was funny and not a bad idea.

Cheeseboy said...

Yes dad, that was what I was going for - letters of a nut. I know it is not completely original, but it was so fun to write.