Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is there a change a coming? I hope so.

Does anyone really like change? Well, I do... sort of. Actually, I like it quite a bit. No, in fact, I like change more than quite a bit - I like it a lot a bit. I thrive on it like a rabid dog thrives on getting shot at the end of 60's movies about dogs that turn rabid.

I am not sure why this is. Perhaps I am a sucker for watching things transition before my eyes? Perhaps it is the excitement of the unknown future? Or, perhaps it is simply change for change sake?

Now, everyone has a comfort zone. In fact, I have nicknamed my couch "My Comfort Zone" because if I could, that is where I would spend every waking minute of every day for the rest of my life. I've been thinking of changing couches...

When I do somehow pry myself away from the cushy, friendly cushions, I delight in seeing things change. My favorite part of church is when they announce the new callings. I love it when new people move in on our block. I relish watching old buildings get torn down and fresh, new ones take their place.

My favorite season is spring - that's when change really earns it's paycheck.

So, why do I revere change like it's my third child? In the final analysis, it is because of my distress toward the future. If you know me well, you know that I have a tendency to internally dwell upon a pessimistic future. I constantly worry about negative outcomes and those outcomes then become potential realities in my mind. Change, when I actually witness it, removes all doubt about an unknown future. As I witness change, I am witnessing the future, and it is never, ever as horrible as I had imagined it would be.

I am not sure what change lies ahead for me in the next few months. For once, I am optimistic. I am in a rare, yet superb predicament in which I will be content with whatever change brings... or doesn't bring.

Answering questions I know will arise from this post:

1. I apologize for lack of humor in this post. I was waxing philosophical. Hey, if you wax your legs while waxing philosophical, while watching The Karate Kid, how much wax would you need exactly? (Mr. Miaggi made Danielson wax, if you recall)

2. No Cathi is not pregnant.

3. My waxing will not become a common blog o' cheese passion.

4. We are not moving.

5. I am not becoming the new Stake President... or am I?

6. Yes, it was really late when I wrote this.

7. Again, Cathi is not pregant.


Tammy said...

Is Cathi pregnant and you're just pretending like she isn't??

I like this post. Good points! Maybe because I'm a negative dweller myself :)

Mackenzie said...

DAMMIT... I was hoping that Cath was Prego!

sacdaddy said...

Is Cheeseboy pregnant?!

Lindsey V said...

SOMEONE is pregnant. Who is it?

Cheeseboy said...

I actually had Cathi's eggs implanted, so we're both pregnant in a way.

Tammy said...

That last comment reminds me of the first "man" to have a baby.

Anonymous said...

Switching schools?

Esther said...

So. . . Just to be clear. . .Cathi is not pregnant. . . ? ;)

Lori said...

Abe, is your optimism due to the fact you are watching more FOX news and less MSNBC?

P.S. Is Cathi pregnant? Congratulations!!!!!!!! :)

P.S.S. If it makes you feel any better Cathi, you don't look pregnant! So why do people think you are?

Cheeseboy said...

Does Fox News promote optimism or negativity and bitterness? I don't know... I don't watch it.