Friday, September 5, 2008

Tales of the First Grade whispering whisperer. Shhhh!

Somewhere within my messload of overtalkative, overactive, overhyper (overhyper??) group of First Graders there is a whispering whisperer just begging for my attention.  He is very well behaved and such a sweet kid.   I think he believes that if he asks me questions in a normal voice he will get in trouble and bring shame upon his family.  He will often approach me to have a whispering conversation for a couple of seconds while the other kids are working.  We had such a conversation today.

Randy: [whispering] Mr. Yospe, do you want to come over to my house?

Me:  Thanks Randy.  That sounds really fun, but I can't.

Randy: [looking confused] We have a lot of fun things to do at my house.

Me:  That sounds great Randy, but I really need to stay and play with Lincoln at my house.

Randy:  You could bring Lincoln over to play at my house too. 

Me:  Yes, Randy, I suppose I could.  How about I just bring Lincoln one day to play with you here at school?

Randy: [whisper sighing] Can't you come to my house?

Me:  No, I am sorry Randy.

Randy: Oh, okay.  [Turns to return to his seat.]  He turns back and says, "Mr. Yospe?"

Me: Yes Randy?

Randy: You know my real name is Randall, right?

Me: Yes, I knew that.

Randy: Okay, just checking.

Me:  It's been nice whispering with you Randall.

Randy: [huge smile]  Yeah.


Tammy said...

Remember that post Lori did with the video of Madison whispering?? Maybe Randall is from a loud family :)

That's a cute story and a bit heartbreaking to know he care for you so much he wants you to play at his house!

Lori said...

Hey Tam, what are you trying to imply? :)

That's funny though, because that is exactly what Madison does. When she wants my attention, she whispers, "Mom, Mom...."