Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dear Bronco - God does NOT care about your football team.

Apparently, according to this article in the Deseret News, Bronco says his stripling warriors job is to win football games and to "bring people to Christ".  Oh brother!  

If that is the case, they are absolutely failing miserably at it.  In every corner of the country, when people hear "BYU football" they are filled with angst and hatred for their incredible, shameless arrogance.  If anyone, besides a LDS BYU fan, feels as though they are closer to Christ because of BYU's football program, they are full of crap.

If were are not able to tell already, I love how my Blog O' Cheese allows me to vent about the brain dead, nonsense that comes out of Provo sometimes.  Memo to Bronco:  God does not care about BYU football or any football for that matter.  By stating that he does, you are making the non-BYU fans even angrier at you.  As an active LDS member, I am offended by your assertion.  Further, I hope you lose every game by 50 points - and if that makes me Satan's spawn, so be it.  Go Washington!  [Oh, and Go Utes too.]


Anonymous said...

How do you know God doesn't care about football? Did he tell you that?

Cheeseboy said...

The spirit whispered it to me.

tim and brandi said...

I don't dispute the fact that God may be a college football fan but if he is, I'm pretty sure he's a Notre Dame fan. Bronco is a fool and I didn't even have to read the article you linked to.

I drove past Sam Boyd stadium earlier this week for work. It made me very excited for today's game.

Go Utes!


Cheeseboy said...

Yes Tim. I need to stop caring about what comes out of that place. No use to get irritated once a week for no real reason.