Sunday, September 7, 2008

At the football game with my best buddy, Lincoln

Lincoln and I went for a - Boys Night Out - last night.  We went to the Utah/UNLV game and Mike (My brother in law.) and Ryan (Lincoln's cousin.) filled in as last second replacements for to fill our two neighboring seats.

We had a great time and the Utes proved triumphant in the end.  

I forgot what it was like to take a six year old to a football game.  Lincoln's first and primary interest was bird watching.  He wanted to know where Swoop, the mascot was at all times.  He was concerned for his safety when he was not clearly visible.

Lincoln and his cousin were also captivated by the wave.  He watched with intense focus and as it would come close to us he would say, "Get ready dad. Get ready!"  He was devastated when the wave stopped.

He and his cousin were also intent to get themselves on the Jumbotron.  They would wave their arms and dance on their seats at every opportunity.  In spite of their outreaching efforts, they were not Jumbotronned. 

Lincoln also intently ate his snowcone that he had generously deeply loaded with ever flavor available.  After 15 minutes of slurping almost pure sugar, he sat in his seat uncomfortably.  I asked him if he was okay and he said, "That snowcone was really heavy."  I am not sure what he meant by that, but he said that he thought he would really appreciate a drink of water.  Noting how uncomfortable he looked, slumped over on the bench, I went to buy him some water.

After 15 minutes in line and missing out on quite a bit of action, I returned with a $3.00 Aquifina water bottle.  Lincoln drank the entire thing within 10 minutes.  Fortunately, it diluted most of the sugar sitting in his belly.  Unfortunately, I knew I would be making a bathroom trip in the next hour or two.

Of course, the Utes won and all was well with the world.  We left about a minute early and on our walk home the fireworks were literally directly over our heads.  They were so close I think the boys were actually a bit frightened.

On our drive home, Lincoln told me that he had "so much fun" and then asked me "Did the Utes win Dad?"  I told him yes and that I had fun with him too.  Boys night out!

(By the way, I am beginning to have second thoughts about the "God is not a BYU fan" thing.  After the recent rash of completely um, "lucky" victories, I can't help but reconsider.)


Tammy said...

How funny! Doesn't Lincoln usually go with you??

Lori said...

Thanks for the tickets Abe! The boys had a great time at the game! Ryan's famous line after going to games is "The defense won!"

Anonymous said...

Kind of interesting

Cheeseboy said...

Interesting indeed Mr. anonymous. (Or Mrs.?) Tammy, Lincoln only went to one game last year and that was likely his only game this year. He goes to more basketball and gymnastics though.