Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lincoln's weekend of hullabaloo and merrymaking.

Lincoln had quite an eventful weekend with much excitement and fanfare.  He deserved it though, he has been a near perfect citizen and a happy camper the last month or so.  We promised (bribed) him that if would be good that we would do something fun.

So, here is a rundown of his 3 activities of drollery and joy:

1. The circus.  Too long, too loud and too frenzied, but mostly too long.  The boys liked the elephants (for some reason they have both always been elephant freaks) and Lincoln enjoyed the motorcycles in the round cage thing.  Personally, I enjoyed the overweight, corny ringmaster singing the National Anthem while a girl in a red, white and blue swimsuit carried an American flag on the back of an elephant.  If my heart had tear ducts, it would have been dripping huge droplets.  The  amount of pride I had at that moment, knowing that I was an American watching an elephant carry a flag with a woman in a swimsuit on it's back is unmeasurable.  Fortunately, hearts don't have tear ducts.  I'd hate to have a sticky heart.

Thank you Grandpa Yospe for the tickets!

2.  The Mayan.  Yep, the Mayan.  This was actually Lincoln's reward.  He loved it and even described it as "better than the Tikki Room".  Okay, not exactly a glowing review as the Tikki room is uh... eh.  However, it was fun enough for him to continue talking about it for the rest of the day.  Now if he would have described it as "better than Splash Mountain" then we would have really had something.  The Mayan is known as having some of the most beautiful plastic trees in the world, and it's true!  They are lovely.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for meeting us there for lunch!

3. The U game.  Steve invited Lincoln and I to go to the U game with him and his son.  I happily obliged as this was one of the games that I did not have reserved tickets for.  Steve brought his son, who happens to be Lincoln's age, and we sat in his company suite. 

The suite is fine, just so stinkin high, with windows that seem to separate you from the action.  Lincoln and his newfound friend had a great time with all of the free treats and soda.  It is nice to sit in the suite every so often, but I would much rather sit down with the blue collar fans like myself, whooping it up and throwing a tizzy in the North end zone.  

By the way, the game was well - anti climatic.  We'll see what happens on Thursday.  It's a huge game Thursday. I'll be back with my peeps in the Red Zone.  I have a seat all by myself, but I make friends with fellow Ute fans rather easily.  Get ready new, yet to be met Ute fan peeps in the North end zone... Get ready for the Cheeseboy!

Thanks Steve for the tickets and the ride!

Go Utes! 5-0!


Tammy said...

Abe I decided next time I go to the circus it will be for the first half OR the second half, not both! So I'll have to decide if I'd rather hear the National Anthem with the girl on the elephant or the grand finale with a lot of elephants!

Didn't you love those beautiful outfits the girls wore when it was motorcycle time? The outfit that had the handlebars attached? That would make a great Halloween costume!

Cheeseboy said...

Haha. I thought about commenting on those handlebar outfits the girls wore, but all I could think of were inappropriate comments.

Tammy said...

I still don't see what the point in the handlebars. What did you think of those chinese guys who jumped from pole to pole? It appeared that they were catching themselves in their private areas. ouch!

Lori said...

I made it to the game last night. I went with some Crimson guys in my circle, three rows up and at the 45 yard line. Best seats ever behind the bench. I actually went with Nick Morgan if you remember him as the starting fullback for 4 years at the U. His dad is my neighbor. I was able to see Juan Johnson and John Frank - Cool guys! The U certainly played down to Weber's abilities, but must say
Weber St. has a pretty good quarterback and receiving core. I'll be at the Oregon St. game this Thursday with another group of Crimson guys this week. Maybe I'll see ya there. I still owe Lincoln a #1 hand! Go Ute's!!!!!!!

Cheeseboy said...

Way to support the team Mike! The game last night was pretty well, boring. It felt like they were really just going through the motions.