Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lincoln v. Door - Door Wins (Warning: Very gruesome!)

We put Lincoln to sleep at 8:15 last night.  Calder went to bed shortly after that.  

Calder, who absolutely adores his brother, always calls for him to come give him a kiss.  Lincoln always obliges.  

It was dark in Calder's room, but Lincoln was able to kiss Calder and as he left he ran head first into the edge of the open door.  

Blood poured down the side of his face as he squealed in anguish.  At very first sight it was obvious he needed stitches.  Once we got the blood to stop, we took Calder to our kindhearted neighbors and off we went to the Sugarhouse Kids Care.  

There was absolutely no one at the Kids Care last night.  We may have been the only ones there.  The nurse came out and put a numbing jell on his forehead and some plastic over it.  (As seen on the below left.)  Thank goodness the days of shots to numb the area seem to be a thing of the past.

Lincoln seemed very groggy, but very brave through the entire process.  It takes 20 minutes for the gel to start working and soon enough the nurse came out to get us. 

The Pediatrician was very kind and she asked Lincoln lots of questions to keep his mind off the sewing of the wound.  He held his mom's hand firmly as in and out the stitches went.  He did not make a single grimace or whimper during the entire procedure.  Amazingly enough, we were in and out of there in under an hour.

Cathi encouraged me to take a few pictures of the action but I refused.  Snapping a few snapshots while a tiny needle travels in and out of my son's cracked forehead was not something I wanted to bother the doctor with.  I did, however, ask the doctor to put her fingerprints in Lincoln's scrapbook along with her autograph.  We also invited her over for cookies and milk.  Got to keep memories of everything!

Unfortunately, Lincoln had to get blue stitches as they were the standard.  We asked for red but red was not an option.  Stupid BYU fans are everywhere.

As we pulled back into the driveway, Lincoln was nearly asleep.  I went across the street to get Calder and he was very anxious to see how his brother is doing.  He burst through the front door looking for Lincoln while yelling "LINKY OK?  LINKY OK?"  If that was not a standard "ahh" moment from a cheesy sitcom, I don't know what is.

Finally, I tucked Lincoln into bed and we both had a hearty laugh when I said, "It seems like we already did this once tonight."  It was certainly the most action Lincoln had ever seen after he had already been tucked into bed once.

Lincoln was a little nervous on our drive to get the stitches.  I couldn't promise him that it wasn't going to hurt as both times I have had stitches it hurt like heck.  I told him on the way, that I had received stitches in my head when I was in Kindergarten.  What I didn't tell him was that they couldn't hold me still, so they were forced to strap me to a gurney and place a towel over my head while I screamed "GET ME OUT OF THIS TRAP!  GET ME OUT OF THIS TRAP!"  I did, however, tell him the rest of the story on our way home.  I think he thought I was a pansy.

Only one week until he gets all 5 of them out.


emma said...

Lincoln is pretty resilient. I think he laughs (smiles through everything). Maybe he will have a scar on his forehead just like his Dad. He is getting more like Abram every day.

Tammy said...

Poor Lincoln!!! I am surprised things like this don't happen more often to kids. I can't count how many times I've witnessed each of my kids run into things that should have done damage but luckily didn't. I hope Lincoln feels fine! And Abe, I'm a bit surprised that you wouldn't be concerned about Lincoln being groggy and having some sort of major head injury!

Lori said...

Oh, Ryan will be so happy that him and Lincoln now have "twin" scars. If you remember, not to long ago Ryan also had to get stitches in that exact same spot when Ashley threw a pen at him. He still asks me once in awhile when the scar is going to go away. However, now he will probably think it's cool since Lincoln has one too!

Esther said...

Is Linky going to look like Harry Potter now?

Jana Banana said...

So sad! I am glad he is doing ok. What a good brother and sweet battle wound though....give him a hug for us :)

The Yospe's said...

Man, those are some pretty sharp doors

Babe in Boysland said...

Our oldest has gone up against a car door and a desk and lost both times. And our third boy lost against his Grandma Abbott's fireplace hearth. Aren't stitches an adventure?

I too have been dismayed over the "blue only" color choice. Why not just have a neutral yellow or something rather than forcing us to allowing any blue into our home. Jeff has been Ute-enizing our children since birth.

The McPheeters Clan said...

oh my goodness, poor kid. I really hope that never happens to me. Oh and a comment about the numbing shots. Yeah they don't do them at Primarys either. We were there and a little boy had to get staples in his head and they said the shots take longer and hurt more than them just stapling him up. I am glad they make it slightly less traumatizing, by not digging the big bendy needle in and wiggling it around. OUCH. Hang in there Linc!

Cheeseboy said...

Welcome to my blog Michelle. You and Jeff are free to visit anytime and comment or just read. Hope you enjoy.

Everyone, Lincoln is doing just fine. He didn't want to wear his band aide today so he could show off his battle wound. We are going to the Mayan on Saturday to celebrate how brave he has been and how well behaved he has been lately.