Monday, December 29, 2008

Top ten things about spending a few days in Leeds, Utah. Well, top 5.

Top ten things about spending a few days in Leeds, Utah.

10. I can fart as often as I would like while jogging without worry that someone may hear or smell me.

9. The aliens only do probes on Sunday nights.

8. The new Maverick is a short 5 mile drive and they offer Coke slurpies for the little lady.

7. Brendan Frasier's acting in "Journey to the Center of the Earth" is slightly less bothersome while watching it on vacation with your boys.

6. Actually being able to jog without worry of ice, puddles or slush.

5. Celebrity site seeing. (Haven't seen one yet, but I am hopeful.)

I apologize, my brain has come to a standstill and I just can't think of any more reasons. It may be because there aren't any more reasons and it may be because I have not yet discovered them yet. I do leave you with a question though - How in the world does Brendan Frasier keep that goofy part down the middle of his hair after battling underground dinosaurs and falling a million feet? He is an acting genius!


Clark said...

You should have been born a "red neck". You seem to have a real facination with body noises and functions in your blog. I challenge you to do one week with out mentioning "poop", "farts" or other body functions that are not accepted outside of scout camp.

Cheeseboy said...

Dad, rednecks are not the only ones that fart, burp and poop. However, I shall accept your challenge! One week and no bodily functions shall be mentioned. Challenge accepted.