Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is our bear nativity set a tacky, yet adorable symbol of holiday love or is it slightly sacrilegious?

Currently, my favorite Christmas decoration that we have in our home is a nativity set made entirely of bears.

Anyway, this nativity is tacky, gaudy and a bit idiotic.  Nevertheless, there is something quaint and charming about the thing.  Despite it's imperfections and obvious potential to offend,  it is the centerpiece of our festive abode.  We can't bear to part ways with it.

I present to you the Cheeseboy family nativity:

After hours of staring at this thing, I have started to wonder if it is something more than just quaint and tacky; I am wondering if it is just a tad bit blasphemous.  Allow me to explain...

I do not think that God intended baby Jesus to ever be portrayed as a bear.  If he wanted him to be a bear, he would have made him a bear.  The same goes for Mary and Joseph - probably meant to be humans.  

If Mary had been a bear, she probably would not have been carried by a mule as mules are generally scared of wild bears.  Even if she did ride a mule, I doubt it would have been able to carry the full weight of a Grizzly Bear.   Mary Bear probably would have just walked. 

Grizzly Bears are not native to the Middle East.  The idea of it is just silly.

Finally, it is a well known fact that bears are a threat to society, mankind and the entirely universe. They are commonly referred to as Godless Killing Machines.

So, my faithful Cheeseboy readers, should we rid ourselves of this sinful monstrosity, perhaps burning it and burying the ashes in the backyard by the dead fish?  Or, should we laugh it off and keep it as a cutesy, albeit - corny reminder to keep things fun at the holidays? Please provide your advice in the comments.  Bear in mind that your comments will be read by the Cheeseboy empire.


Tammy said...

You don't really have that do you??? I know you have a lot of bear things but I've never seen this nativity. This post is almost like a "mom" post!

We have something just as offending. My mom gave us a nativity that has a blonde baby Jesus laying on a pink blanket.

CaraDee said...

Which is worse? The bear nativity or the Native American Nativity they sell in the coupon pages in the newspaper?

brermomo said...

I have a native american nativity with the "stable" being a "tee-pee."

At least one of my daughters highly objects to this for understandibly political reasons which I shall not go into here, and with which I sympathize. However, I still put out the nativity with its American Bison and its coyote.

Yes, your bear nativity is a tad sacrilegious.'s cute nonetheless. So, I say, keep putting it out!

brermomo said...

Another comment:

Or, how about my cute soft doll nativity, especially made for children. How about when they chew on the heads or slobber all over the robes. Is that sacrilegious?

sacdaddy said...

What about my Rolling Stones nativity set? Does Keith Richards make a sacrireligious Joseph?

Cheeseboy said...

I have not seen the Native American nativity set? I guess I would say it is okay as long as the tribe represented gets some sort of kickback for the sale. Not sure about the slobbery nativity? If slobber defiles things, I am in deep trouble.

As for the Rolling Stones nativity, as long as Keith Richards is smoking frankincence cigarettesand not pot - and the baby Jesus is not inhaling second hand smoke, I say it's okay.