Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Coldplay EP: Prospekt's March

WARNING: This post is for Coldplay fans only.  Others will find it utterly useless and may sit, confused and scared, huddled on their couch.  

Hey all you Coldplay fans (My brothers, sister, Tim and nephew Brandon), I just got the new EP, and it is nothing to be ashamed about.  Now, I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed the latest full length Coldplay album, Viva La Vida.  I find it refreshingly smooth and much more listenable than X &Y.  However, if this new EP is simply a collection of the leftover songs that did not make the original album, then Chris Martin and the boys need to start rethinking the tunes that actually make their albums.

The first three (not counting the short instrumental number) songs on the EP hit you like a ton of bricks.  They are fluid, catchy and polished.  All three could have easily made Viva, and I would venture to say that all three might be better than any song on Viva.  My favorite song on the album is track 2 - Postcards From Far Away.  

A couple minor quibbles about the EP: 1. The "remix" of Lovers In Japan sounds exactly like the original.  2. The remake of Lost with a cameo by Jay Z stinks of desperation of trying to make a very good song into a radio hit.  I don't want to say the word "sellout" but, there you go, I just did.

Now, the entire purpose of this EP might just be to drive Coldplay's current single, Lovers In Japan and garner attention for their next single Lost.  Regardless of the intention that the studio had to release the album, the fact that the fans have access to five new, GREAT songs more than makes up for it.

If you don't have this EP yet, let me know and I can make some arrangements.  You need to have this EP.

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Lori said...

I'll pass this post onto Brandon. He'll appreciate it!