Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top 10 Blog O' Cheese posts of 08!

In traditional fashion, as is fashionable this time of year, I present another year end countdown.  Given that I enjoy giving myself awards, this countdown is the first annual top ten posts of the year - as chosen by me.  So, may I present (drumroll please) the top 10 of 08 as voted by myself:

10. Marathon? COMPLETE! [September 1] Not the funniest of posts, but perhaps my most proud moment of the year.  Plus, I enjoyed all the pats on the back I got from people.

9. If I could leave sticky notes around any LDS chapel - [September 8] - I came home from church one Sunday very irritated and this post was the result of that irritation.

8. What was really running through my mind when I first kissed Cathi [July 20] - I really went for the "ahh" factor here and really pulled it off.  I also pulled off my portrayal of myself as a bumbling oaf.

7. My new Indian name is "Poop-in-hand" [October 11] - A short but funny post about the day that Calder pooped into my hand.

6. Pants shopping with a woman [July 28] - Funny for every man because it is oh, so true.

5. Cease to Exist Order - Christmas Edition [December 23] - I took on that horrible "Christmas Shoes" song and won!

4. I am a frail, frail man. [March 27]  A detailed look at my ongoing battle with being a hypochondriac was one of my first and proved to be one of my best posts of the year.

3. Training for a marathon [April 22]  I begin my training by telling the story of the time I pooped my pants while jogging around the park.

2. Mormon Youth Treks are LAME! [April 6] A controversial look at what most people think, but are too afraid to say.  This post brought on wrath from a bunch of angry "Trekies" that I have never met.  It was sure fun to write though.

1. Which drugs were ingested during the latest episode of Yo Gabba Gabba? [October 8] This post was entertaining enough, but when actual cast members started defending the show on this very blog, it put it's entertainment value over the top.

Now it is your turn to vote.  Please vote in the poll for best Cheeseboy post of 08.  

God bless you and may God bless us all, Tiny Tim.

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Tammy said...

Abe it's so hard to narrow down my favorite one for your poll!