Friday, December 5, 2008

The saga continues - (The saga of the Pooping Bandit... The boy that poops all over the bathroom.)

Just a little update on the situation.

The cops showed up today.  I told the boys that they would be coming.  The room got really quiet while he walked into the room and not a soul moved.  I told them that he would be collecting some DNA samples to take to the lab.  The few boys that didn't believe me last night definitely believed me today.

I gave the poop-atrator one last chance to come forward.  I gathered all the boys together one more time and we sat in silence for ten minutes.  Again, they begged each other to tell, but alas, no one did.  Finally, a quiet boy in the third row spoke up...

"Mr. Cheeseboy??"


[Very quietly] "I know how we can find out who did it."

"Okay, on how would we do that?"

[Very seriously] "Well, we could ask Santa.  He knows who's been bad or good."

"You're right!  I will have to have a little chat with the big man."

Very creative thinking.  

I will keep you abreast of any new news on the bandit front.

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Gardner said...

Pooping stories, very gross but always seem to occur in the early childhood classrooms. A teacher that I taught with a a child in diapers last year in kindergarten and the mother wanted her to change her diaper. Gross. She should not be in school if she is still in a diaper.