Thursday, December 18, 2008

The new ride at Disneyland - Great fun for the entire family.

For those of you that may have visited Disneyland recently and missed out on the new ride in California Adventure - you missed out on one heck of a ride.  

The ride is really more of a video game.  However, it is as an addicting a video game as you will find.  

I know what you are thinking: "Yes, but I don't want to wait in a long line."  Well, the ride was so great, we waited in the line not once, not twice, but six times!  (Our line was about 30 minutes.)

Half an hour wait - definitely worth it.  45 minutes - probably.  An hour is pushing it.

Anyway, the way the ride works is that while you are in line you get some killer 3D glasses that Calder referred to as "sunglasses". Check out these lookers:

Upon entry into the ride, you are placed facing two other passengers with a gun in front of you.  The gun has a cord that you pull on it's backside to shoot various objects.  The ride then takes you through a series of 3d screens.  Each screen had a different "fairground game" for you to compete in.   For example, in one screen you shoot darts, one screen you launch a ringtoss and one screen you break plates by throwing baseballs.  

Now, this may not sound all that fun yet, BUT there is more.  There are certain targets on the screen that give you more points and launch other interactions.  For example, on some screens if you hit a moving target, a gush of air squirts right in your face.  On another screen, if you hit a certain balloon, water sprinkles in your face.  It is the best kind of fun!

Finally, on the dashboard of your cart there is a computer screen that not only keeps track of your points but your accuracy percentage.  At the end of the game there is a screen that shows the high scores of the day and the month.  We noticed that the high score of the month was around 415,000.  For much of the trip, I held our families high score at 152,000, but on our LAST RIDE, Cathi beat my record by about 3,000 points.  I was introduced to frustration once again.

If this just sounds like kiddy fun and games, get this:  This became one of the top three favorite rides of Cathi, myself and both of my parents.  If the line wasn't so long, we would have probably ridden that thing over 50 times.  (They did have a separate line for single riders that averaged about ten deep that we would have taken advantage of if it were not for the little ones.)


Tammy said...

It sounds a bit like that Buzz Lightyear ride. Is it similar? Do they still have that one?

Lori said...

That's what I thought, Tam. That's why we didn't wait in line. But, it does sound a little bit better since it has that added factor of interaction, like the squirt in the face.

You didn't actually think you were going to beat Cathi at a game did you Abe? She was probably just holding back until she knew it was your last ride...and then she let it rip. That way she knew SHE would be the winner! :)

Cheeseboy said...

This is like the Buzz Lightyear ride, but seriously it is about 200% better. It is hard to explain, but it is way more fun - just ask any of the adults that rode it. We are all in agreement.

And yes, they do still have the buzz Lightyear ride, but no one rides it because this one is so much better.