Friday, December 19, 2008

The story of my work wives.

Well, it turns out that I might just be a polygamist - or more appropriately, an unwilling polygamist.  I have acquired a couple work wives that I just can't shake myself of.  There are a couple women at my school that regularly, yet accidentally, call me their husband's names.  "Hey Wayne, did you get those copies run off?" And so it goes...

The first couple times this occurred, I laughed it off and told them, "I know I am handsome, but I am no Wayne", or "Did you just call me Terry?  I wish I was Terry!"  It wasn't until the 4th or 5th time that they referred to using their husband's name that I realized - I had officially become their work husband.

I am flattered that these women trust me enough to mistake me for their spouse. However, they are both in their late 50's and I am beginning to wonder if it is their age playing games with their mind or if I really do remind them of their beloved spouse.  

Given that I am really the only adult male these women interact with at school on a daily basis, I can see how I could be mistaken for their husbands.  Nevertheless, things got really awkward the other day when I bought a soda and one of the ladies told me that I needed to be careful about my blood pressure.  She also once reminded me to put on my coat before going out in the cold; said I would catch a cold.

I do not think that Cathi will be jealous or one bit nervous when she reads about my work wives, nor should she be.  One day, however, one of these work wives will fix my tie or ask me to pick up my things and she will realize that someone else is vying for her job.

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Lori said...

Abe, that is weird! It must be an age thing, and I just can't understand it because I'm not that old yet!