Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's a Disneyland Singalong - STARING LINCOLN!

Hello all you avid, rabid readers, just itching to get the latest from the old Blog O' Cheese. I'm back and refreshed for another round of blogging.  We just got in from Disneyland and it's late.  However, to show my appreciation for your diehard support as is clearly evidenced by the 11 of you who voted that you would miss these nonsensical ramblings.   As for the 7 people that stated you can do without for awhile, I am sorry I have not been measuring up to your blogging expectations.  I vow to do better.  Nevertheless, I have stayed up late tonight to give what my public wants.

In this video we have a very excited Lincoln on the second day of our trip.  He and I had just hopped off the Grizzly River Run, when we noticed my Cathi and my parents standing around, listening to a bluegrass band getting down and funky.  Lincoln immediately started dancing and the band took notice.  In fact, they took so much notice that they invited him to come up and sing.  Never the shy boy, he took every opportunity to show his vocal chops.  As a result, the band was overly impressed with him.  Upon completion of the tune, he received a roaring cheer from the audience that had gathered.  So, without further ado, check out the Linkster in perhaps his finest moment:

[By the way, more video to come, including a hilarious one of good old dad, you know, dadding it up.  Wait till you see it.]


Tammy said...

Go Lincoln! Go Lincoln! Great job singing one of my favorite songs!!!! Makes me a little sick and sad that I'm here in Utah (where it's starting to snow . . . finally) while you're hamming it up in Disneyland!

I love that he didn't even skip a beat when the guy took his hat off and put it on him. Lincoln's singing finally paid off :)

Enjoy the rest of your vacation and I'll be anxiously awaiting more!

Ike said...

This is what Disneyland is all about.

Jana Banana said...

I loved it, he is so cute!! Glad you guys had a fun trip, maybe next time we can go with you!

Lori said...

Um, Tam...they are home now. Did you read the post? :)

Oh...that is a "proud parent" moment for sure!!! That is one of the things I will always remember about Lincoln...he could sing a song and hold a tune even before he could talk! Madison is the same way, I've been trying to get some good video of her singing, but she's at the age where when the video camera comes out, all she wants to do is see herself on it!

Anyways, welcome home!

Tammy said...

Uhm Lor are you referring to this part of the post "We just got in from Disneyland and it's late. " to say they are home because I thought it meant they just got back from Disneyland and are sitting around in their motel room and Abe finally decided to post something :) so sorry Abe but I didn't know you are home! I guess I'll change my comment to say "Welcome Home Yospe Family!"

And I also didn't know it wasn't your whole family going. Gosh, I am out of the loop!

Eric said...

way too cool. Go Lincoln!