Saturday, December 20, 2008

David Hasselhoff + BYU fans= true love forever

I just found out that Mr. David Hasselhoff will be singing the national anthem at tonight's Las Vegas Bowl and I am sure BYU fans are ecstatic.  I wonder if they asked him to speak at their fireside last night as well?  I'm sure he could give a great talk on the still small voice - of a talking car.

Think of Hasselhoff's career highlights:  He rode into the night as the Knightrider, saved thousands of lives as the oldest living life guard on earth, is a much beloved singer for Germans and single handedly brought the Berlin wall down, and has found more American talent than Simon Cowell wishes he could find. 

And now finally, as a capstone to a remarkable career, he will enlighten and entertain 30,000 Mormons while saluting America at the same time.  Steve Young, Wiford Brimley, David Archuletta and the Osmonds - be weary, the Mormon people have a new revered and cherished idol and his names rhymes with "shaved masselmoff".  

After he sings the national anthem, I fully expect Mr. Hasselhoff to intercept a couple Max Hall passes - he is just that good!


Ike said...

Watching the game tonight I found myself pulling for BYU, which surprised me a little.

I feel bad for them.

tim and brandi said...

The Hoff is really giving it to that Pepsi bottle. I was "cheering" for BYU not necessarily to win, but to not suck. My "cheering" did not improve their condition.