Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My left ear.

My students were so loud today, my left ear started making a crackling sound.

My left ear makes a crackling sound when I hear loud noises.

My left ear makes a crackling sound because I think I ruptured my eardrum as a teenager.

I ruptured my eardrum because I thought it would be funny to put a couple of drumsticks in my ear canal and run around.

I fell down the stairs with two drumsticks in my ear canals.  

A trickle of blood from your own ear canal is something no person should ever witness.

A couple years ago I told my doctor about the crackling sound in my ear, she said, "Oh, that stinks. I am sorry to hear that."  No advice, no further tests.

Moral: Never put drumsticks in your ear canals while running down stairs.

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