Monday, December 22, 2008

An afternoon at the Deseret Book Starbucks

We walked through a Deseret Book the other day during the chaos of the shopping season and I noticed quite the oddity- a bakery.  Deseret Book now has a bakery??  It's about time someone put all those Mormon recipes to use.  What was most strange about the bakery was that it looked very familiar - hmm, almost like a Barnes & Noble coffee shop.  Of course, coffee was not being served; rather a frothy cup of hot coco and a pound cake.

(By the way, I received a lovely thank you card from Barnes & Noble for my recitation at their store and for saving Christmas for them.)

The fake coffee shop of course caught my attention and I became curious as to what is Mormon over-the-counter "medication" is being distributed on a daily basis.  Surprisingly, the Deseret Book Bakery does not carry the following food items:

BYU Creamery ice cream
Funeral potatoes with a hearty Wheatie crust
Temple cafeteria rice pudding
Food storage jelly on toast

I did think it a bit odd that they carried rum cake.

We were actually braving the festive bookstore crowds to purchase a few undergarments at the neighboring store.  I found it very odd that when I purchased my underroo's they asked to see my recommend.  When I payed with a credit card they then asked to see my ID.  Now maybe I am a little naive, but shouldn't the recommend be a more authentic and authoritative form of ID than my driver's license at a church owned store?

One other thing of note: I find it interesting that in 30 years, the "scripture case" has not changed one iota.  They still have the same selection, same engraving option. - You would think they would have changed a little bit.  Maybe a nice tiger print or a trendy camouflage pattern? Maybe a scripture case with a little pocket on the side to hold your miniature scriptures?  Or, perhaps a case with a cheerio pocket and a pouch for wet wipes?  I'm just brainstorming here.

 I would like to create cute, little scripture case for those that carry their scriptures on their PDA's.  That way they would have something to carry their PDA's in to church on Sundays.  Maybe a little loop for a handle?  It's actually very practical.  


Tammy said...

The Deseret Book in American Fork also has a bakery and I never thought anything of it until your post.

You can buy "darling" scripture covers, just not at Deseret Book. I'm sure mom's all over Utah make them.

Here's something funny (to me) that happened on Sunday. We stopped at Costco to pick up our chips for the family party. As I walked out an obvious "Mormon" family walked in. Mom, Dad, 6 kids. All dressed in their church clothes and CARRYING their SCRIPTURES! I still can't figure out why you'd take scriptures into Costco but more importantly, if it's to show that you a member of the LDS Church why do it on a Sunday when you shouldn't be there???

Esther said...

I'll watch your boys sometime. Just let me know when!

Anonymous said...

your title is deceiving. I believe you meant to say deseret book.

Tyler and Lyndsay said...

I am all for the little bakery shop. Hello, Lionhouse rolls pretty much rock. P.S. Tyler is working on those black hip hop dance moves. He has decided to put together a routine and show it to you on your birthday. He heard that's all you want.

Cheeseboy said...

Lyndsay: I didn't think of the Lion House rolls! And tell Tyler that I expect to see at least 6 seconds of the robot in his routine!

Lori said...

You didn't think of the Lion House Rolls??? Isn't that like the only thing they have worth buying at the bakery? Yum!