Friday, December 12, 2008

Dad gets wet with a newfound friend.

Sometimes in life, you are placed uncomfortably close to very nice people that you have nothing in common with.  Such was the case with good old dad, who shared a seat with a beautiful, large, black woman on the Grizzly Rapid run.  (I am not sure about why or how she showed that much cleavage, but I am sure dad didn't mind.)

My favorite part of the ride was when she would see the majestic rapids coming up and shake her head and quietly say, "oh Lord, oh Lord!" 

It was pretty good comedy sitting there on that raft across from these two people who could not be more different.  By the way, just to be clear, my dad is the big, Jewish looking guy with glasses and the African American woman is the one on his left.  Hope that clears things up for you.

By the way dad, "well, we still have to go over the waterfall"... great line!


Tammy said...

Why isn't your mom on the ride :) ? or Cathi? Your dad is such a funny man!

Lori said...

Abe, funny that Brandon's wrestling videos are showing up on your "related videos" at the bottom when the clip is over! I've never had that happen. That's why I usually change my embbed code so that no videos show up after it's over. They were usually just people's random videos with the same topic as the one I posted.

Gardner said...

How did you Dad get stuck between two people he did not know? Hallirious!