Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I watched Mama Mia! and yes, I know you have some questions.

I had the opportunity to see "Mama Mia!" last night here in Leeds. Yes, you heard me right, I watched Mama Mia!. I know you all have a ton of questions, and I have a good idea of what they are going to be. I will attempt to answer them all in this post.


- Yes, I do feel as though my manhood is in tact.

- No, Cathi was not cuddled near me as is commonplace while watching a chick flick with your spouse. In fact, I was sitting alone on a couch while she was seated across the room in a Lazy Boy. She should have been with her Lazy Boy.

- Yes, that is a bit embarrassing.

- No, I did not know most of the songs.
- Yes, I did sing "Dancing Queen" out loud.

- No, it was not at the top of my lungs.

- Yes, it was a little like watching "High School Musical" made for adult women.

- No, I am not an adult woman.

- Yes, I do generally like musicals - Sweeney Todd being my favorite.

- No, I am not a sissy - most of the time.

- Yes, the plot did remind me a little of that 80's sitcom "My Three Dads".

- No, I did not watch that sitcom very often.

- Yes, I did watch "Perfect Strangers" way too often.

- Yes, I would like to see a musical based on the plot of "Perfect Strangers"; perhaps with the music of Neil Diamond. Now that I would see!

- Yes, I do listen to Neil Diamond - the greatest singer/song writer of our or any generation.

- Yes, I did watch Mama Mia! all the way through.

- Yes, I did watch it with two adult women and no other men. Apparently, my Father-In-Law had more important things to do.

- No, I do not find that strange. - Is it?

- Yes, after the movie, I felt like I needed to go chop wood, hunt or do some other "manly" things to make up for two hours of Dancing Queen and giggling. liquid estrogen.

- No, I did not go chop wood.

- Yes, I also sang Take a Chance on me.

- Yes, this time I did sing it at the top of my lungs.

- No, I do not find Peirce Bronson "dreamy".

- Yes, I do believe he may be tone def and if he tried out for American Idol, the producers would hold him aside for Simon to laugh at and mock.

- Yes, I do know he was once Bond. What happened to that guy? He's probably at home right how watching "Mulan Rouge" on his couch while his wife sits across the room in a Lazy Boy.

- Yes, I probably should have just played "Lego Batman" with Lincoln in the other room.

- No, I did not know that "dot, dot, dot" or "..." meant "sex" in the olden times as is referred to in the movie. But now I will never be able to read Lori's blog - which is full of ... - the same way ever again.

I think that about covers all your questions. If you have any further questions, please put them in the comments and I will get to them at my leisure - which will pretty much be within the hour - after all, I am in Leeds and "at my leisure" is pretty much all day long.


sacdaddy said...

I love Perfect Strangers. I wouldn't put it up there with Seinfeld and Arrested Development, but it's pretty close. Even the way Balki refers to Larry as Cousin Larry with his accent is enough for a laugh.

I din't know about "..." either. I'll try to use it more effectively going forward...

Clark said...

I have seen the stage play twice and the movie once. Actually the movie is better and I loved the Greek Islands - and yes there really are places like that in the world. And someday I wish to go back so that I too maybe standing with the whole town on the warf singing Abba songs in english. That's really a little far fetched is is not? But good movie and I liked it a lot. Maybe you get some of your manhood taste from me.
By the way I had to try and talk Esther into even renting it and watching it. By the way, I even liked the movie "Hairspray". What is wrong with me?

Ike said...

I forgot you were still in Leeds and actually left you a message a minute ago wondering if you want to watch the Sugar Bowl at our house on Friday.

So did you like the movie? I can't tell from your post.

Cheeseboy said...

Ike - I thought we were all watching the game at Mom & Dad's on Friday as part of that "party" we are having? Am I wrong about the dates?

Dad & Ike - It's strange, I am still not sure if I actually did like the movie. I guess I am a little nervous about some of the ridicule I might receive by saying I liked it.

Steve- I loved Perfect Strangers as well. It was way ahead of it's time.

Gardner said...


Speaking of Neil Diamond. My Mom and sister went to his concerts. She had posted some pics. She said it was fabulous. What a performer.

Tammy said...

Yay Abe! Not only did you watch it but you survived long enough to post about it! Maybe I missed this part in your blog but I didn't see where you answered the question "Did you love it and want to watch it again?"

And I don't remember the part about . . . . meaning "sex". Apparently Lori hasn't seen your post yet either.

Happy to hear you're loving Leeds!!
Happy New Year! Maybe you can watch "Mama Mia" again!

Tammy said...

Oopa. I was so excited about commenting that I didn't read anyone else's comments until after I left my own and now I see you've already been asked if you liked it and you've sort of given an answer.

The McPheeters Clan said...

I watched it last night, and I was sooo not impressed! Definitely NOT my kind of movie. I lost interest after about the first 6 minutes! Sorry to all you Mama Mia lovers... Way over rated.

Ike said...

The party has been postponed, as I think mom was worried (rightfully so) that we would all want to watch the game. I know that's where my focus will be.

So we're going to watch the game at my house and have Bingo another time.

Ike said...

PS... It will be in HD. To the girls this doesn't matter, but hopefully that means something to you.

Brandi said...
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Brandi said...

This post is about as irrational as Ike's defense of Christmas shoes. I'm indifferent when it comes to Abba but I just can't support the Mama Mia in any form. One could argue that there isn't enough substance in their songs for 3 minutes much less a 90 minute production. Your dad gave us tickets a couple of years ago to the live version as a reward for spending so much time with Grandpa. For some reason I thought it was at Pioneer Theater but it was really at Capitol Theater. Those 20 minutes that we missed must have been amazing because we were extremely confused by the standing ovation at the end.

I just wanted to add that I hope the above doesn't make me sound ungrateful. We still appreciated the tickets and had a good time. Just not a standing ovation good time.

cousin larry

Cheeseboy said...

Larry - I agree. After much contemplation, I think I am coming to the conclusion that this movie kinda was on the stinky side. I hate to say this, because I know I have some real Abba lovers that read my blog, but I just didn't really get all the hoopla. I guess, I would give it 2 stars out of 4, only because the scenery was cool.

Lori said...

I think you have to have seen the live musical to appreciate the movie.

I wasn't sure what I was going to comment until I saw my name at the end of the post.

Oh great, now my secret code is out! Maybe I'll have to change my "..." to "{{{" or "<<<". Um, no...they don't have the same "pause" effect that I'm going for. I guess I'm sticking with the "..."

Sorry Cath, hope this doesn't put something on Abe's mind every night after reading my blog. :) OK...maybe that was too much to say. Feel free to delete me if you want.

Tammy said...

Maybe this is a movie you have to see a few times before you can appreciate it. I've only seen it once. When it was done I thought I also didn't understand why everyone else loved it. But now that it's been a few months, I'm thinking I should see it again . . . . . .

su-tang 3000 said...


I'm trying to email you some music, but don't have your email address. Could you send it to my email, my firstnamelastname at gmail?

Lori said...

Hmmm, Abe. I was just rechecking the comments on this post and noticed something that I have never noticed before. That is, every comment starts with "NAME said (dot, dot, dot)"

What does that mean??? Is that some sort of subliminal message from Blogger? :)