Monday, February 16, 2009

Things to never say at church.

Yesterday, I opened my mouth and somehow the words, "I have only spoken once since we moved in" slipped out.  The recipient ears of my horrific blunder was none other than the Second Councilor.  I am now scheduled to give an epistle on Easter Sunday.  Blessed mouth.

Note to self: Never say the following things at church on Sunday to someone in a leadership role:

1. "I love to camp and I have summers off!"
2. "Nothing beats setting up and taking down folding chairs."
3. "My love parade floats is never ending.  I would LOVE to make my own someday."
4. "I wish we had more people in the choir."
5. "Someone needs to teach those scouts a lesson or two."
6. "They said trek was bad last year, but it sounds like a piece of cake to me."
7. "Sure, I'll watch the nursery until the regular teachers get here."
8. "I have a boat." (Also not acceptable: I have a cabin, pickup truck or a lot of free time.)
9. "I am an organ playing enthusiast." (I am not, but I still don't want to say this.)
10. "So, who's in charge of the Road Show this year?"


The Quist's said...

I am so excited! Oh no, it is Easter Sunday! We are always out of town...Please film it!!! Does Cathi get to speak as well? Thanks for sharing Calder yesterday...yes he cheered us both up :)

Tammy said...

Good luck with that Abe! At least now you know what not to say again :)