Friday, February 6, 2009

I know nothing about gymnastics and I have the questions to prove it.

I went to the Utah gymnastics meet tonight. We generally go to two or three of these every year and they certainly hold some entertainment value. Being the moronic gym fan that I am, I have trouble understanding a few of the rules. Rather, I understand the rules, but I have no idea why things are done the way they are done. For instance:

When a routine is done, why do all the girls on the team scream, clap and mob the girl like she just won the national championship? Is this to impress the judges with their sportsmanship? Are they really that happy for their teammate? Is it just a show for the cameras?

Why are there two bars instead of just one. I have been told that the competitors have to show they can go from high bar to low bar, but they do not do tricks on the low bar. Then why not just take out the low bar and increase the trick to bar ratio on the high bar? Or, why wouldn't some girls start doing tricks on the low bar to impress the judges? Better yet, why not have two bars on the same level? I would actually like to see a series of five bars, all on the same level and at some point during the routine, the girls have to touch every bar at least once.  Sort of like the playground monkey bars.

What is with all the little hand gestures between the big flips on the floor exercise? Are the girls really judged on how well they strike poses or is it just filler? Could a competitor have perfect hand poses, fall on every flip and still get a decent score?

During the floor routine, why does the music keep changing during the routine? Can't the girl decide on one song and go with it? If I were a gymnast, I would pick a song that everyone knows to get the crowd into it. Something like Neil Diamond's "America" or that "I Kissed A Girl" song.

If flipping on that balance beam gets the big scores, why don't the contestants just flip back and forward the entire time they are up there? Instead, they are at it again with the hand poses.  I'm guessing probably filler.


brermomo said...

I'd say, Great to five bars all of the same height. But, only after football players start having vertical football. Wouldn't that be neat. They could set the field up on its end, and players would have to climb up to the end zone to get a touchdown!

BTW, is it called the end zone? I hope so.

brermomo said...

On second thought....that would certainly favor the other team which would have gravity on its side. :(

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha. True Margaret.

By the way, your story on football inspired this story on gymnastics.

I love your ideas. And I have no idea why it is called an end zone.