Thursday, February 12, 2009

The perfect Valentines gift - The Vermont Teddy Bear (Plus funny Gaffigan comments!)

Alright everybody, I got this on facebook from my favorite "friend" and comedian, Jim Gaffigan.  I laughed so hard (especially at his comments) that I just had to share it.  Enjoy!  

Instructions: 1. Watch the video. 2. Read funny Gaffigan comments. 3. Laugh hysterically  4. Share with others.

GAFFIGAN: I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day but one of things I do love are the commercials. One of my favorite is this one for Vermont Teddy Bear. Sure the first 50 times I wanted to kill myself, but now I watch it amazement.

Why I love this commercial
- Guy in cubicle wearing sunglasses on head? It does get sunny in the office.
- Announcer: “Giving her the ‘same old, same old”. That’s right women hate flowers and jewelry.
- Woman who receives Bear-gram is dressed like a lovely seductive dress.
- Only men in cubicles. What a coincidence
- Women in office completely over-react to gift of dust collecting bear.
- Guy removes sunglasses from top of head to see why whorishly dressed woman over acting.
- Disgusting line “so much bigger than I thought” reference. Excuse me?
- Announcer: “Take it from me. This is not your average bear”. Um who are you again? What is average bear?
- Guy actually has a “love” tattoo on his arm? Um ok. What a coincidence. I guess since I have a “love” tattoo on my arm I should get the bear with the “love” tattoo.
- Announcer tells us Bears are guaranteed for life. “Yes, I got my girlfriend a Lover Boy Bear 8 years ago. And it stopped working. Hello?”
- Free chocolate? Um isn’t that the “Same old, Same old”
- Guy in orange shirt pumps fist after ordering a teddy bear. Is this his first online purchase?
- Woman with crazy teeth (who did not get a bear) announces, “I can’t wait to give him my surprise”. Yikes.


Lori said...

I don't remember this ad in years past...maybe because we didn't have cable and that's where it seems to run. This year, between this ad and the Pajama-Gram ad's that seem to run every 45 seconds, there should be no excuse that us woman don't get exactly what we want! A teddy bear and a nightgown! No thanks. Save your money. What a strange gift to promote for a grown woman!

Erica said...

Oh my heck, is this serious? I just watched it 3 times and it keeps getting better. Oh man, if Dustin got me one of these his v-day surprise would be thrown away and he would get a couch to sleep on!

Cheeseboy said...

Erica - This ad is absolutely real. I have only seen it a couple times, but apparently they are running them every 10 minutes back east. Poor Dustin can't get you a VTB? you probably just want the same old same old.

Lori, you simply need to get a DVR. You will never have to watch an add again. I agree though. What's next, Build-a-Bear for adults?