Thursday, February 19, 2009

The boys love their Grandpa!

In effort to appease those that are moaning that I do not post enough family related crap, I present to you today a few pictures to tie you over for awhile.  Plus, I have had these since Disneyland and was planning on eventually post them, why not today?  Plus, the last few posts have taken a ton of creative energy and I feel I deserve a break.  (That's not to say that I won't post something to chuckle at later tonight.)
Today's question - Who is cuter?  Grandpa or his Grandboys?  Tough call.

Lincoln & Grampa

Clark & Calder Clark


Gardner said...

Hey I like your new background on your blog.

Lori said...

Love these pictures! Yep, I'm one who voted for more personal posts. Thanks for appeasing me.

Tammy said...

I voted for more personal posts too! And it's the perfect time for Disney pictures. Cute!

Cheeseboy said...

Tammy, Lori. Look, I am not a woman blogger. You won't be getting to many personal posts, so enjoy this one.