Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My suggestion to KTVX News to improve ratings.

Email sent to KTVX News Staff today at 5:00 using my real name. I will post if I receive a response.

Dear KTVX 4 News,
Your newscasting is impeccable, your reporting rock solid. In addition, Ross Becker's hair is full of majestic grace. Which begs the question: Why the low ratings?
I have two words for you: MUS... STACHES.

You could be the only all mustached news team.

Hear me out. Brent Hunsaker? Make that Brent HUNKsaker. Meteorologist, Todd Gross? Make that Meteorologist of Sexy, Todd Gross. Reporter, Chris Vanocur? Make that Reporter of Sexy, Chris Vanocur. Reporter Marcos Ortiz? ALREADY MUSTACHED! The "Utah View" host, Reagan Leadbetter? Hold on, I am just receiving word that she is a woman. What kind of woman has the first name Reagan?

Of course, the women would not have to sport a mustache, but they might want to put a fake one on a time or two in jest - perhaps during sweeps week.

I don't need credit for this idea. Just have Karen Carlson wink into the camera. I will know that it is meant for me.

Your welcome.


Tammy said...

thanks for the info cheeseboy. I don't watch the station. I prefer KUTV's Mark Koebel and Shauna Lake :)

On a serious note, I thought they discouraged mustaches because it's harder for people to read lips and many people are lip readers (myself included) even if they aren't deaf.

Karen Carlson said...

Ha ha! This is hilarious.. Karen Carlson here. This blog was just brought to my attention.

Missing Utah right now and thought I'd say thanks for the note.