Monday, March 1, 2010

Grab bag

By now, everyone has heard about the McDonald's 50 piece nuggets for $10.00. It sounds like a great deal, but when you break it down, that is 50 cents per nugget. (I did the math in my head) However, if you were to buy 100 nuggets, it is almost worth it because then the price goes down to 50 cents per nugget, BUT now you have 100 nuggets! It's fuzzy math.

Personally, I'd be much more likely to buy a single, giant nugget made up of 50 nuggets. I'd definitely pay $10.00 for that. It could be called the "Chicken McMammoth". $10.00 for 50 chicken nuggets mashed together into one Chicken McMammoth - I could definitely be down with that.

It's actually referred to as a "party pack". Please do not invite me to that party.


Speaking of fast food, I was recently at the KFC/A&W/PB&J/Diarrhea joint and I noticed something I've never before - the "honey" is not honey at all. Rather it is called "honey sauce". Honey is actually like the third ingredient in the stuff. I am not sure what the first two ingredients were, but I know they had scientific names that I didn't understand.

That reminds me... have you ever read a food label to someone with the ingredients listed on it and you get to the stuff you can't pronounce, so you start to just mumble through it? Here is a time (of many) in life that I sound like a total idiot. It happens to me all the time. I'll say something like, "Check this Trix out. Listen to what is in this stuff! Cad--mi--um, AR-cen-IC, Far--mal--di--HIDE?! What the heck is all that stuff?!"

Note(s) to self: stop eating Trix. Also, never become a chemist.


I was on the news recently, which makes me wonder if I really should be on the news. Fortunately, they cut out the part that I started mixing metaphors and dropping double negatives. Unfortunately, they did catch my huge nose. Fortunately, I had used my nose hair trimmers that morning. Unfortunately, the lady that interviewed me did not. She was a beast of a woman - the lovely and talented Sandy Riesgraf. She is something special. I know because I could see her heart beating through her chest.


Ike said...

50 pieces for $10 = .20 a nugget.

At Wendy's you can get a 5 piece nugget for $1. That = .20 a nugget.

So basically it's like ordering 10 5 piece nuggets at Wendy's.

That's really not a good deal at all.

Sorry and thanks for listening to my lame math ramblings.

Cheeseboy said...

Ike... I told you I did it in my head. My head is not good at math.

Tyler and Lyndsay said...

Ok, the PARTY PACK is new news to me! I didn't know that McDonalds had come out with the ideal Utah Family meal. Now parents can stop trying to figure out how many 4 or 6 piece nuggets they need and simply order the Party Pack. Wow. It's a Win-Win-Win.
Can't wait to go order some nuggets for lunch!

lindsey v said...

I hate fuzzy math AND smooth math. It's just no fun.
You should definitely do a special undercover news report on this great deal.

Traci said...

You already know my feelings about Sandy Reisgraf. She is a zombie. (I hope she doesn't google herself and see that comment...)

Sco said...

Haha! Loved the diarrhea joint comment, too.

And if you could see Sandy's heart beating, it's a miracle you looked into the camera for your comments, right?