Friday, March 12, 2010

Help me decide if I need a wearable towel. (Only $19.99, a $35 vaule. Includes uncomfortable backpack for handy carrying)

I am extremely interested in purchasing this product, but I have a few questions before I lay down my $19.99.

1. Why is the first women wearing a flesh colored bra and why does my wife not own one?
2. What is with the rhyming? Does the wearable towel make you rhyme?
3. Who are these people that are wearing HEAVY robes? What is the weight of a wearable towel? What is the difference in weight distribution of a robe to a wearable towel? Are heavy robes really a problem for people?
4. A towel with arm openings? I think I have heard of it... it's called a robe.
5. I like the 'hand freedom' idea but I don't really feel that my normal towel is holding me back in that area.
6. Who actually reads a paper anymore?
7. Wouldn't wearing them with family and friends just be considered a 'Toga Party'?
8. Does wearing one while reading Haute Magazine in bed make you sophisticated and sexy? (Haute living is an exclusive magazine servicing the luxury lifestyle and celebrities interested in fine dining, hotels, homes, accessories and vehicles) Do you have to be sophisticated to buy one or do you become sophisticated after you buy one?
9. How does the fact that they are 100% cotton make them "first class in quality". What is the stitch count?
10. The commercial is not clear... are there any fasteners on the wearable towel?
11. I am confused by what you mean by, "The wearable towel is UNISEX"?!
12. From what I can see, you can do the following in a wearable towel: Pet a dog, talk on the phone, do the dishes and eat watermelon with your grandpa. IS THIS REALLY TRUE?
13. Is the wearable towel backpack wearable too?
14. How would one use the bathroom while wearing a wearable towel?


lindsey v said...

Toga style - pfahaha! It reminds me of the one shoulder slinged overalls.

I would say, as long as it comes with the totable backpack, then you should get it. No backpack - no deal.

Cadence Cole said...

"OMG YES!!!", well truely a "HAAAAA, NO!"
but how can you resist looking like a modern roman god in that toga version of wearing it? You never know... It's like the snuggie I was soo doubtful of that backwards robe.. but one of my best friend bought them *oy how I am embarrassed by that hahaha*

no I don't care--- I just wouldnt waste my money.

It's hilarious that I found myself thinking, "omg Motherly voice, you are so right -- my towel DOES ALWAYS FALL WHEN I'M trying to blow dry my hair! GEEZ-- HOW - DID - YOU - KNOW?

hahhahahha you made my life a little more complete by sharing this with us! lmao...

Lynn said...

If you go to the bathroom alone, just take it off! Or hike it up--how do you think women use the bathroom in dresses?

Now, a one-piece swimsuit under that towel would make it nearly impossible for the lady to use the bathroom.

I couldn't figure out why she was in the towel when the baby was the one that was wet!

NatureGirl said...

Funny stuff Cheese almost had a follower until I read something about UofU football...oh well, it was close!

"Rise all loyal cougars..."

Sco said...

#11 - Agreed. What self-respecting guy would use one of these? Unisex - whatever. When guys want to "cover up," it's called a T-shirt. And if you're fruity enough to wear a speedo, well, let's just not go there.

Cheeseboy said...

Lindsey - I thought the same thing about the overalls.

Cadence - I thought of the snuggie too. I wonder what came first - the snuggie or the wearable towel?

Lynn - Honestly, I had never thought about how girls go to the bathroom in dresses. I am an idiot.

Naturegirl - Feel free to comment anytime, even if you are a cougar.

Scott - I KNOW! (But now you know what you can get me for "teacher appreciation... J/K... well, not really... except I am)

tammy said...

I never have a problem with my towel falling off. Much to my husband's dismay.