Friday, February 26, 2010

I am so stinkin' LOST!

I've invested 6 years of my life to the TV show Lost. 6 years! I have spent countless nights laying in bed, contemplating the meaning, the connections, the time travel, the polar bears. 6 years I have wracked my brain, grasping at straws to find some understanding. I love this show, perhaps more than any other show I have ever watched, but I find myself repeatedly frustrated by it. Nevertheless, I continue to return, year after year, hoping to find some answers. There are none.

So, after 6 years of dissecting every episode, I have decided to give myself a quiz - Junior High Teacher Style - and see what exactly I have learned about the show. We shall correct our own papers upon completion. Today's test will be an essay exam.

1. What is the theme of the show? Time travel? Good v. Evil? Religion? Survival? Friendship? Love? Kate wearing sexy tank tops? Really, I have no idea.

2. Where does the show take place? Oh, I know this one! An island? It might be an island, but it the island could be a metaphor? No, I'm going with an island, but they actually might not be on the island anymore. Ugh, I have no idea.

3. What is plot? Hm... That is a toughie. Does it have something to do with a monster made of smoke? Or a giant wheel that turns back time? A fat guy that wins the lottery? Honestly, I have no idea at all what the real plot is.

4. In what year is the show based? That's the thing... nobody really knows. They jump around a lot. I think right now I think they are in the year 2008, but really there could be dinosaurs on the island for all I know. At one point, the island was underwater, but that could have been in the future. So to answer your question, I have no idea.

5. Why are they on the island? This one is easy. Their plane crashed. Or maybe it didn't? But I am pretty sure it did. Well, it did and it didn't. But it may have crashed on purpose... I mean someone may have made it crash. Or it might have been an accident. That's if it crashed at all, which it may not have. I have no idea.

6. Where is the island? It was between the US and Australia. But it moves. But it might only move through time and not actual locations. But, it might move locations AND time. It is really hard to find sometimes. Yep, no idea again.

7. It sounds like you have absolutely no clue what is going on. Why have you invested 6 years of your life to watching every single episode of a show that you clearly have no idea what is even happening?

I have no idea.... BUT I am going to go with the Kate wearing sexy tank tops thing.


lindsey v said...

Reading this post makes me glad that I have never watched the show.
Time travel?
Polar bears?

brermomo said...

That is exactly how I feel...yet I keep watching....

Have you become hooked on Heroes?
If not, then count your lucky stars, because it's the very same type of show.

But...still...I keep watching! I just love to see what kinds of great "powers" the writers come up with.

And I still have hope for Lost. But, actually, not really. :(

Woolf Family said...

I guess you are not 'a candidate'. What I hate is ABC telling me that the time for questions is over. Oh really ABC? What is the lighthouse? Where is Walt, Aaron, that one black guy, Desmond, Charles Whitmore etc? Who's that little blonde kid running through the jungle? Don't tell me when my questions are over ABC. You have until May 23rd then I'll tell you if my questions are over.

Clark said...

Is the photo shown here suppose to duplicate the famous picture of the "last supper"?

Cheeseboy said...

Yes Dad. There are many religious ties to the show.

Everyone else, I totally agree.