Saturday, February 20, 2010

A movie review of the movie 'District 9' if it had come out in 1987 and I was asked to write a review for my 5th grade teacher.

A movie review of the movie 'District 9' if it had come out in 1987 and I was asked to write a review for my 5th grade teacher.

For this assinement you gave us we had to review a movie. I choosed the movie District 9 that I saw with my dad last Saturday. This movie was so awesome!!!

If you like movies about aliens, you will like this one because there are aliens in it. There in it lots. Like a ton!
All these aliens come down and they aren't smart aliens. They are dumb aliens. But they come down and then they get put in these like concentration camps things like they had done something wrong. But they didn't do anything wrong. They were just dum and kinda just got in peoples ways and stuff.

So theres this guy that is in charge of moving them cause they are bothering all the people in South Africa. This is were it got really good cause he had this alien bottle that held some sort of alien juice that was going to be used to get them back to their spaceship. But this guy SPRAYS IT IN HIS FACE! It was an accident but still! I mean all over his face!
The guy that I was talking about that sprayed the alien stuff in his face starts turning into an alien. Well just his hand is an alien hand but that is just the start of it. All of a sudden, all of these people are starting to chase him and TRY AND HURT HIM! And I'm not kidding either. They are trying to hurt him cause only the aliens can use the alien weapons and they want to know how to use the alien weapons cause the wepons are really, really, really, really strong wepons!!!

I don't really want to tell you much more because it is a good movie and if you see it you might think about this review that I wrote and then you would no everything that happens and you might not like that.

Here are some good things that people that like cool movies would like about this movie.

There are lots of explosions that are exploding.
And there are lots of aliens. Some of the aliens have this black goo come out of their mouth. I don't know what it is for but it is really, really, really, really gross. It was kindof like that goo in the Thriller video but it wasn't zombie goo this was alien goo. And there were alots of cool guns. But not regular guns. Well some regular guns but some really really cool guns. The aliens sometimes exploded people into little pieces with their guns. And the aliens were called prawns.

I don't really think girls wood like this movie but maybe they would? But probably not. There are many reasons they wouldnt. But mostly it is because there is so many explosions and guts and blood and stuff. Theres also a lot of swearing, but the guy that is swearing has this really bad axsent and most the time you can't really tell what he is saying. Sometimes you can though. I don't think girls really like swearing. Sometimes the aliens swear in their language and they show the swear word on the screen for you to read. I don't think any of the girl aliens swear though cause I don't think girls really like that sort of stuff.

It was really weird when the alien would swear in they're alien language and I mean really really weird. Cause I would be like "What?" and then it would show me what the alien said and I would be like "I really didn't need to know that."

Please don't tell my mom that I watched this show to because she would probly be really mad. Sometimes my dad lets me see movies that swear but my mom HATES those kinds of movies. She hates the movies with naked ladies too but there weren't any naked ladies in this movie. Well the aliens mite have been naked, but I couldn't tell.
I think my mom just likes cartoons because they don't usualy swear and theres no naked ladies.

So you should really go see this movie cause it was really, really, really good. In the end I was like what??? But then I was like WOOO! Cool!

By Abe Yospe
5th grade


Stephanie Roberts said...

Sooo, you liked it? If you were a 5th grader you would have liked it?

Cheeseboy said...

I liked it okay as an adult Stephanie. I am a little surprised it was nominated for best picture though.

But yes, if I were a 5th grader, I would have LOVED it. But don't tell my mom.

sacdaddy said...

Ever read diary of a wimpy kid? You could have written it. Nice job.

Cheeseboy said...

Ha Steve! Yes, I have seen those books. They are very popular amongst the first graders I teach and my very own son. They must have inspired this post.